Monday, August 29, 2011

Bonjour! Je ma...öö I'm screwed

Yes i wasn't kidding when i said i was moving to France. I know you all believed me, but at times i didn't believe it myself. So right now i'm laying on a bed in a french hotel (dads out at some pub drinking wine.. or whatever adults do at ten at night) listening to a mix-CD (Here (In your Arms) is on atm <3) that i got from Lovisa and eating zoo candy. It's like i never left after all :).

So today me and my dad arrived in Paris at about four. After checking in to our hotel we started walking around in town. We made it to Notre Dame until i felt like if i didn't eat something soon i would kinda topple over and die. So we had dinner (aaah so exciting!!! *sarcasm*) and then went back to the hotel.

So here i am, in france, practically shitting myself over the thought of seeing my family tomorrow and having to speak french with them. Just ordering coffee today was a challenge...
Love yo face, i'll write again soon :)
BAI <3

30min left of Home....

So... I don't really know what to say, I'm freaking out? I kinda feel like crying and throwing up at the same time? I have a bunch of letters and stuff to read on the plane and everyone is gonna wonder who the crying freakshow is because when I cry it's not cute little sobs, it's usually loud *guhuuuhu* noises... Mhmm it's lovely!

Yeah so right now I'm sitting in front of the tv not really knowing what to do... It's just unreal and awful and wonderful all at the same time! I'm gonna miss absolutely everything but I consol myself with the thought of that I'm coming home again and that this year is going to be awesome and I'll learn so much and meet new wonderful people. All this sounds great if it wasn't for the fact that I'm scared shitless!?

Ok I have to start focusing, gonna leave for arlanda in 20min and I have to say good bye to my brother. I know he loves me and will miss me even though he's acting about as sad as if he had dropped a newly made sandwich.. It's kinda like a "Huh... Well, bye then" keep munching on breakfast.

Love yo faces, next time I write I'll be in France o.o

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dont have any updates for today, more packing (woop woop) and then i'm going to go meet a friend.
Tomorrow i actually have school o.o and i chose the day that my old class has an 80 min music theory class, cus i'm just smart like that.
I'll just post something from my tumblr thats kind of wonderful :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So i have been one of the few unlucky swedes who havn't yet had any contact with their french "toast" family. I mean, i know my french e-mail was absolutely appalling but jeeze an answer would have been nice! If my old french teacher had read that e-mail he probably would have slapped me...

(ok it wasn't like they wouldn't have understood it but man i was so embarrassed the day after when i read through it again... MVG my ass ><)

So i sent an e-mail to my school saying that i hadn't gotten an answer. I got an answer saying that my "brother" Baptiste was going to contact me tonight and then we could chat and "become the best of friends" on facebook, yaaay! (hahaha even more epic-fail french here i come)

So anyway, i'm not completely forgotten!

Today i bought new jeans at Hollister and a new shirt (because all my clothes are apparently made by the devil or something, or slut hoe-bag clothes... I wasn't really paying attention to my moms rant on what the frenchies would think).
But my point is:
Have you seen the bag you get when you shop at hollister?!
I feel like i'm openly carrying around porn...
I mean seriously, this mans stomach looks my keyboard and his pants are crazy low.

Love yo face, i'll write again soon :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Marching on

It's less then a week left before i leave and it feels really strange. Its so true that you dont really understand what you are getting yourself into untill you actually get there.
On friday i'm going to go hang out at school (everyone but me has started ^^) and say goodbye to my class. I'm looking forward to it but at the same time is going to majorly suck to say goodbye. But it'll be nice to have everyone together and give a combined goodbye :).

I just cant see myself on the plane with my dad going off to live in Paris, I'm having trouble collecting the thought in my head. Going to my new school, meeting the people, meeting my family! Its all so insane!!!

In a few hours im going to go shopping my mom. I'm going to buy new dance clothes because mine are way to small. I'm already going to be a freak when i start dancing in Paris, i might as well be a well dressed freak.

Here is the picture that inspired the name on my blog, it IS taken in Paris :)
Love yo face

Be a Dork

Tried to get Adrian to post this on his blog but he didn't so 
You can visit his blog here :) 
He's in San Diego as i mentioned before.
I find this kind of wonderful

Monday, August 22, 2011

INFO about host family and school

I realized that i hadn't written any info in the blog on my french family or my school so i thought it was about time! I will now try to give you all the interesting info that i have on my year in france :)
(oh and i love parentheses just so you know)

So i'll be living in a normal (at least i hope they're normal ...) french family with two parents (Marc and Corinne) and a 17 year old son (Baptiste ,lol it's ok to laugh because i certainly did ^^). The son goes to St Dominic which is the french school that my swedish school is connected to. Its a bit complicated i know. St Dominic is a catholic school but i'll write more about that later ;). He apparently likes music (plays the piano and the drums) and has a music studio in the basement (AWESOME).

They live in a suburb of Paris called Nanterre. My school is in the neighboring suburb called Neuilly sur-seine (this is like 4 stations from L'Arc de Triomphe).

My school:
I'll be going to a SWEDISH SCHOOL in Paris. I say this because a lot of people thought that i was going to a french school. I mean i'm flattered and all but seriously guys? All of my subjects in french? Thinking with our asses are we?
My school is a part of the french catholic school St Dominic. This brings me to my biggest concern, dresscode. This is very unusual in Sweden where everyone strives to be "unique" and "different" and "special". Weird vintage clothes arn't something strange. 

But in Fraaaance:
1. No shorts or short skirts (i have no clue how they define"short" but i'm pretty sure this rules out ALL of my skirts -.-)
2. no "plunging necklines" aslo known as no major boob-idge 
3. No long dresses (maxi dresses of all sorts)
4. Nothing to strange/freaky/weird = everythingthatstandsout-clothing

I have like 4 t-shirts and one pair of jeans that i can wear to school. Super

I got 100000 papers sent to me about rules and etiquette. Which draws me to the conclusion that swedish teens obviously cant behave themselves because some of the stuff was just stupid.
"You cant bring your dinner into your room and eat it there".. WHAT!? Thats preposterous!! :O

I have also finished my packing list (for my clothes, nothing else *sigh*) and i was very pleased untill my mom said that we had to read it over and remove some things... 
If she starts taking away my favorite stuff i will cut her.

I realize this became a really long post but i felt obligated to fill people in :) So if you're still reading, you're awesome, and now you know aprox everything that i know.
Love you face, i'll write again soon!

Bestest of times

At what point of the day can you run, skip and roll down the street without sceptical boring adult people peering out of their windows wondering what on earth that silly ADHD-teen is doing? Well not time of "day" i guess, but in the middle of the night :). You should try it, especially with Mumford & Sons blasting in your ears.

Just got back from hanging out in humlan with some people, it was really awesome! Swung in a swing with two other people untill everyone nearly puked, laughed till we died and then actually died, drank mouthwash and hung out in playground-simulated black holes. Yupp fun times...

Later when i got to Gullmarsplan and was left all alone i went to 7eleven and got a sourdough bread sandwich with goatcheese. *droooool* yuuuuummmm....
I later, as stated before, ran around on the street outside my house and then just lay flat on the ground looking up at the black sky. Quickly getting bored i took some pictures so here you go bloggedy type people!

Laying in the street just chillin
Trying to be artistic but failing
My eternal drug of choice <3

Because i'm pretty like that

Best one according to me :)

So thats that, i'll try and write some more things actually concerning my year in Paris TOMORROW! Going to hang out with my Frida first then i'll write stuff about my new french family, whats actually up with my school and packing issues.
Love yo face, i'll write again soon ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tmblr fav

Me every single morning from August to June.

Packing blöööhh

So tomorrow i really have to start packing... I'M SO NOT EXCITE
I hate packing in general and thats for like short 2 week trips... How on earth i'm going to be able to pack for an entire year!?
My mom made me a packing list and i got a list from my school. But that just makes me even more prone to a /ignore attitude.

Today i went shopping with my bff Lovisa and it was great :D She bought a bunch of stuff at Hollister and i bought new shoes at Scorett. THEY ARE MY NEW BABIES! My mom threw out my old babies (my brown boots that i named my "hobo-boots").

But yeah, shoe obsession aside. I really need to start packing tomorrow, or at least start thinking about packing. I've already told Lovisa that the clothes I dont bring with me her and Elise are aloud to fight to the death for. Mostly because it would be highly entertaining for me :)
I'll post a daily favorite tumblr after this aswell :)
Love yo face, i'll write again soon
BAI !!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HP doodles

I just got back from my 3 HOUR LONG drivers ed lecture. It was not what i would call amusing. They focused mainly on the person who was going to help the driver so i sat there drawing 90% of the time.
This is the result of that:
I'm so proud *wipes tears*
Anywho... Tomorrow i'm gonna start planning on what I want to bring with me to Paris.
Adrian who's a guy only needs one day to pack. Me who's a girl needs at least one week of mourning before i can say goodbye to the clothes i cant bring with me :'(, ITS SO SAD!
I also need to clean my room, cus at the moment it looks like my closet threw up all over my floor... and my desk... and my piano... and my nightstand, ok you get the point!
So i love yo face, i'll write again soon :)

See you in a year then!

The meet in Rålis was so much fun and it was awesome that so many people showed up! For alot of people it would be the last time that they saw Adrian (i saw him today aswell for like two seconds) in a really long time! I mean there is skype but its just not the same!
So here are som favorites from yesterday <3

 Så himla underbar bild på Adrian :)

I took like 140 pics so obviously i cant put all of them up here...

Now i'm off to Dalens trafikskola for some drivers ed woop woop!!
love yo face, i'll post again today i think seeing as this was all about yesterday :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm a Hippocrate...

Drawing says: "I know... I'm such a Hippocrate"

Me: I can't believe you're leaving! Please dont leave..
Adrian: But you're leaving aswell!!
Me: I know, i'm such a HIPPOCRATE
(cant remember exactly what we said but it was something like this XD)

Seriously who am i gonna share my extremely boring humor with when we are half a world apart!?
Pic = What i'm giving Adrian tomorrow :P
Isn't it CUTE?

What do you do at one a'clock at night?

After trying to sleep for about two hours i finally gave up.

I was on tumblr at about 23:00 - midnight. Then i tried sleeping
Feeling too distracted to sleep i pulled out my diary and wrote a page about what was on my mind. After scribbling my hand to death with my "almost-out" favorite orange pen i still felt like it had been a useless vent.
So what do i do?
I pick up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Read a chapter or more.
I give sleeping another go, and i fail miserable...
So i get all raged and annoyed at myself, rush downstairs with my laptop.
Take a shower.
Go to the kitchen and open the fridge (cus what else is there to do at 1 in the morning but eat and blog?).
I get out some juice, grapes and then grab som crackers.
So this is were i'm at now, sitting in my kitchen. Somewhat listening to the snoring going on upstairs.
Writing stupid shit about how i cant sleep on my blog. Cus this is totally useful knowledge!!
So um yeah...afffiore:

Jared Leto
love yo face, ima go on youtube now probs and watch som AVPS

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Goodbye farewell

Tomorrow at 12 a bunch of ppl are meeting to say goodbye and have an awesome time with my friend Adrian. The lucky basterd is going to southern California for a year and i "hate" him :) <3. He's leaving on the 17th so it's now or never!!! :O
Gonna miss him so much and it sucks to say goodbye. I've warned him about excessive crying on my part. I'm just really emotional when it comes to goodbyes, i CANT HANDLE IT OK!?
So i better go to bed now (seeing as its at 12 and today i woke up at 1...)

Me tomorrow... my makeups gonna look faaaantastic :)
love yo face, i'll write again soon

Saturday, August 13, 2011

You gotta start somewhere...

I literally havn't had a blog since i was like 13 and seriously ended every post with "Ciao". Oh good lord...

My reason for writing in english is not me all high and mighty thinking that people from all over the world are going to desperatly want to read my blog. Ehh no... Even if that would be wonderful.. No. My reason is that i just love writing and expressing myself in english!
Problem? Then google translate the page... It is not that difficult

This blog is maybe first and formost for my friends in Sweden but also a way for me to remember the year that i'm going to spend in Paris.

So this is it. I'm probably going to change the background over 9000 times before im completely happy with it, and the layout, and my profile, and my picture, and my header.
The only thing thats staying the same is the name.

So good night, love yo face and i'll write again soon