Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last weekend in Paris


So this weekend is my last weekend in Paris (not rly but everyone is going home next weekend)
How have i been spending it?
Actually, i've been spending it in three different ways.
Partying, Singing and Studying (*cough* procrastinating and tumblring and blogging).

The BAT was this friday, or in french Bourse aux Talents (i think).
I hadn't really understood how much of a big deal this actually was until i got there. I had been there earlier that day and rehearsed so i'd gotten to see the stage decorations and all the people running around in the back with black "STAFF BAT 2011" T-shirts. The main guy in charge behind the stage was super stressed out and kinda scared me, lets just say he was not a happy camper...

After rehearsal i went home, got ready and came back at around six. I get to the theatre and see an ocean of St Do students pressing up against the wall of glass doors. I walk up to the doors and see Ellie inside, hesitantly i walk past the crazy crowd and go inside. We got these stamps on our hands to show that we were performers and we went back stage to our changing rooms.
It was kinda chaotic back there but it felt super legit, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

We weren't up until after the break so we got to sit in the audience the entire first half.
Something that really annoyed the crap out of me was that if the people on stage weren't considered popular, then the audience wouldn't give a fuck. These two girls were playing and seriously half of the crowd was talking or laughing or just being plain rude the entire song!
I was super afraid that people would act the same way for us but i soon realized the whole "if they are popular we listen" thing. So thankfully Ellie was playing with us....

If i'm gonna talk about every number it will take forever so
After the break we waited in the changing rooms, sang a little (but not enough), then we waited behind the stage. At this point i was really pumped and Elvira and i stood behind the stage and lip synced to the Adele song that was playing before us.
When it was time to get on stage (the curtain is now closed) i was so jumpy and hyper. Sure i was nervous but the feeling of extreme excitement was stronger!
We were singing Love Song by the way.
It went SO WELL. We nailed the harmonies, we all nailed our parts, it was just epic!
Later on we went to this bar called Truskel and stayed there for a while. They played amazing music and it was such a cool place. Def going back!
The only thing remotely uncool about that night was the fact then when i came home at like 5 in the morning my host family had locked our door with the chain so i couldn't get in even with my key. 
So that sucked
I walked all the way back to Klaras house and banged on her door. Poor Klara and Moa, i scared the shit out of them! I would have shit myself if i was them.
this brings us to:

Moas phone wakes us up around 10:20 and i fly up out of my bed. Clearly disoriented, clearly hung over. I'm still wearing the dress i wore for the concert and all my makeup is now all over my face. I get up and try wash my face a little. I wake up the girls because i was kinda in a hurry. I had an hour to get ready before i had to leave with the choir. We had a Lucia concert at IKEA x).
For breakfast (i'm quite proud of this) we had french toast. Though we didn't have any proper bread so we used baguette. Now dont judge to soon!!! It was super super good! Klaras family babysitter thought it was yummy as well and he hadn't even heard of french toast before!

I then leave for IKEA, ofc i arrive late! We then head off in our own little bus to IKEA.
Nothing special really, we sang, we cried tears of joy over the swedish meatballs, we ate our bodyweight in gingerbread cookies. It was nice :). As a thank you we got a 20€ giftcard each. I just bought a bunch of random shit. Like a neckpillow, one of those you have on planes and train rides. Totally useless i know but omg i've wanted one since forever for some reason!
I also bought a mug bcus here they drink tea out of bowls...
My room now smells like roses from my scented IKEA candle
For my family i bought a christmas flower and a pot for it.
I also bought glögg that i was going to drink today but seeing as i've done nothing of what i was supposed to do today (including bake) i dont have a reason to drink it :'((((.

I've done fucking nothing, i've tried to study a little but i just cant! I have no motivation i'm so extremely sick of school, everything is crazy difficult and i just want to die in a hole

Good bye
Love yo face <3

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