Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Night in Saint-Germain de Prés

Sometimes here in Paris i get these out of body experiences. Just moments when you kind of see yourself from above and realise just how lucky you are to be a part of all of this.

Last night i had one of those when Moa and I visited Thea at this apartment in Saint-Germain de Prés which is like the second most wonderful place in paris (after Montmartre). She was borrowing it from her host mothers danish friend and we decided that instead of going out we would make some dinner and watch a movie. When we were there everything was just so perfect, it was like a movie moment of cozy awesomeness.

This apartment was the cutest thing ever! Imagine a doll-house - white walls, cute pink details, a lot of small ornaments and such. The kitchen was TINY! We could hardly fit two people at the same time around the stove. We sat on the rug in the bedroom eating our dinner and cheesecakes talking about grandparents, university, moving away from home, and ofc a bunch of stuped shit that isn't worth mentioning here :P.
Later we watched the virgin suicide, unfortunately not all the way through :(.

The internet is so slow that it has seriously taken me hours to upload these pictures!!!
Had some nice photos that Moa had taken but i'll have to post those later.
Oh and Elisey-pooh is coming tomorrow ;) <3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

omg homework

You got homework? I DO TOO :D

So for tomorrow:
MEDEA - we are reading this play in swedish class and we are going to discuss it in class tomorrow, yes this will affect my grade. I have only read half of the play and dont really get why Medea is such a crazy bitch.

FFK - i have to have finished the summary of Paris during the middle ages, the Crypte under Notre-Dame and the Panthèon. Woop almost done!

CHEMISTRY - I have a really difficult test on friday and my teachers laid back attitude is starting to piss me off because GOD PLEASE MAKE THINGS SOUND SO EASY! When he talks about it its like "well YEAH i get it :D" --> *at home doing the work* = KILL ME NOW I DONT UNDERSTAND!??!
So yeah, im screwed. Going to study at Moas house tomorrow

1200 word essay on Medea, i have no clue what on earth i am writing yet... He hasn't told us what to focus on or whatever, like i said i havn't even read the entire play yet. SparkNotes is my friend!

Its crazy to think that i have gone from practically a straight A student to FAILING yes failing, not just getting a bad grade, two french tests and probably a physics test.

I've never failed a test before in my life...
I got a G on my math test here,
Thats like the fourth one in my entire life...

Does that give you an idea of what kind of stress living here can put on someone?
On top of all of this is juggling three languages all at the same time.
Swedish-English-French round and round and round. Sometimes i catch myself thinking in three languages at the time or mixing it all up when i speak. Its exhausting...

I thought i'd share some tips on surviving stressful times in school:
This is just the stuff that i try to follow and it helps me, so all you stressed out peeps you might want to read <3.

1. Failing and getting G:s is not the end of the world!!!!
2. Doing your best is all you can do and if that isn't "enough" then thats OK because it was your best
3. Stressing about stuff you cant affect in any way is not a good way of using your energy
4. If you have time to rest, use it well
5. Study 30 min, break for 10 = perfect
6. Prioritize and plan. This includes resting and watching the newest episode of Glee.
7. Do exercise, there is ALWAYS time to go our running or walking. It doesn't take as long as our lazy minds usually convince ourselves that is takes.
8. Dont feel sorry for yourself, a failed grade and 200 grams of chocolate later you have to focus again
9. Lastly, this is not forever. Just think about it as a distance that you have to run. It does end and even if its hard at some times, you will get through it, you will survive it because you are smart and strong and amazing.

Something that helps me get through all of my awful homework is focusing on a dream that i have, more precisely what i want to do after high school. Often i have to do good in school for these dreams to come true.
Dont take this and make it into a bad thing though ok?
Like, dont get devastated because you dont think you will be able to become a doctor.
The dream is a carrot
If you eventually dont get the carrot, will you die?
... NO
because there are a bunch of awesome veggies out there that probs taste just as awesome as that carrot.
do you get what i'm saying?
I hope so.
Because my ten minutes (*cough* twenty now *cough*) is up and i have to go back to studying :).

I love all yo faces very much
BAI <3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yes please can this be my hair? This is EXACTLY how i want it :D No clue how i'll pull off first dying my "roots" light brown and then the tips blonde but what the heck, its worth a shot :).

Alone in a room full of people

Today my mentor-group had a "meeting" at our favorite little café in Odéon. Its the cutest place ever and serves the best chocolate viennois in Paris (à mon avis...). Most mentor-groups dont really think of these meetings as something special but it really is! Its a chance for us to really talk about how we feel about being here! What's bothering us, what's stressing us out, what we find really amazing/fun/interesting. We can sit down, drink som hot chocolate, eat som gateau and just VENT!

Something that came up is "feeling alone despite being with other people in the same situation". Even though almost everyone is going through the same thing here, every experience and feeling here in Paris is very personal. At the end of the day its you and only you that is sitting alone in your room having waaay to much time to think about all of the troubles of being here. It can get very lonely.

Another thing we talked about was missing home, family, friends and swedish things in general. Almost nobody really misses home too much. We've been here for such a long time that this is our world now. Just trying to picture our old rooms is difficult! Paris is home and Paris is life. Picturing myself back in my room in Sweden is comforting but also unnerving. I dont like thinking of a life where i dont live in this city and i dont get to see all of these wonderful people every day...

Do you understand that there is a major need for venting here!?

Tomorrow we have a sportsday so everyone is going to go out to Saint-Germain en Laye and run around and be active. I'm surprisingly excited, i've had so much homework lately that i havn't had any time to go out running! There will be plenty of time for that during autumn break i guess.

Time for bed
Love yo face
BAI <3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only one more week...

French students in general get two weeks of vacation every autumn break, spring break and easter break. Oh them basterds.. So my host brother has been teasing me all day about the fact that i have school tomorrow and he doesn't. But i mean, i'm pretty sure our summer vacations are longer than his. Still pretty bitter about it right now though.

I had a very nice weekend! Baptiste wasn't home friday so i had dinner alone with my parents and i just have to add that i love them so so so much! I have the best frenchie parents ever! They are just so sweet and totally patient with my awful french. We sat and watched a show on tv about Normandy and Marc (my dad) went on and on about how wonderful it is there. He grew up in Normandy and misses it a lot.

Then we watched something about Vancouver and i told them that i maybe want to move to Canada and we talked about French-Canadians and that their accents always made Corinne laugh (my mom...duh).
I even went on a walk with Corinne this weekend. She was going to show me a jogging route so we walked the entire thing (its a route around a large WW2 fort) and just talked and had a nice time!

Nothing against my host brother but i almost like it more here when he's not home... That sounds kinda bad but its just really calm and relaxed when its just the parents at home! Its like an entirely different family when Baptiste is there.

Saturday, Victoria and I slept over at Noras :). We made microwave risotto for dinner (yes i know we are lazy but it was damn good risotto... And i'm scared of making proper risotto after too many Hells Kitchen episodes of people messing up risottos. True story). The main focus was on the kladdkaka (like brownies but BETTER! Much much better <3). It was so good to eat kladdkaka again! Almost felt like home! We then watched the movie Penelope, mostly for James McAvoy because he is gorgeous. After that we had the classic sleepover long, deep, diskussions about life and other not so important stuff over a huge bag of chips. I love my life some times ^^.

The morning after we had pancakes with coconut ice-cream and/or butter and sugar. All part of a nutritious breakfast!

I'll put up some pictures just so that this post isn't all words ^^.
I'll try and post something more of a pleasant read later. I feel like my latest post have been way to much of the "today i did this" kind and i know that i personally hate reading that kind of shit. So... sorry i guess <3.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Here are the pictures from last night!
The night started off at Vapiano with Vicky ;). My pasta was to die for!!!
New favorite restaurant? I think so
At the Gibus! Host brother to the left :)

The cutting of the hair :O

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who see poles and people who see stripper poles

Going out on weekdays, pour quoi pas?

At the moment I'm sitting in my room and its 20 min past twelve. I have a box of müsli in my lap and i'm dead tired...
I just got back from the Gibus and i'm starving. It's just been one of those - omg i cant stop eating - days,  hahah i have them all the time.

So the Gibus was a lot of fun! I'll post pictures tomorrow because i cant be bothered to load them onto the computer now.
My brothers band was really good! I'd only heard them play in the basement and there is a big difference between that and a stage but i think they worked it quite nicely

(wow i sound like a pompous ass, whats happening to me? I havn't used awesome once since this post started. awesome.. There, two times!).

After tonight i've come to the conclusion that my host brother is probably as much of a "retard" as i am. Seriously, him on stage, was the funniest yet cutest thing ever. I doubt "cute" was what he aimed for (band name reference <3) but it was inevitable x).
Yes they did cut his hair. Not that much but a little. Hhahaha freakin weirdo.
But seeing as this was a competition, who won?
But ofc THEY WON!

So now they are going to have a second concert (this time on a weekend). I dont know if people will have to buy tickets and come watch that one. I kinda hope not because i doubt people will pay 10€ again for another concert. I mean, you didn't even get a free beer or anything. Rip off....

Now i have to sleep. Because i do have school tomorrow.

Sleep tight all my lovelies <3

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

60th post :)

Sorry for not updating in a while! I've had tons of stuff to do lately.
Or like Adrian so nicely puts it every time i ask him to update his blog more:
"Um, i mean, i've like got a life you know!?"
haha yes Adrian you sound like a little bitch in my head when you say that <3

Today was Tuesday and as always i confused the days (i'm always, ALWAYS a day ahead) so i thought it was Wednesday. Hahaha lets just say i was NOT on time today <3

This weekend i went shopping with Vicky in La Defense and i bought a dress.
Those who dont know me: "Oh ok... what color?"
Those who do know me: "You bought a WHAT?"

I myself have not bought a proper dress-dress (maxi dresses dont count, seeing as i usually use them as skirts anyway!) since the 7th grade, aprox. This is not counting my promdress ;)
So this is a huge step for me haha
Here it is:
Ignore the mess... Look at the dress ;) (yay for unintentional rimes!)

Tomorrow i'm going to a thing called "Gibus". It's a concert that my host brother is participating in. Well it's like a concert/competition. The winner of the competition gets a record deal, a bunch of cash and they get to be the opening band for one of Europes largest summer festivals. So its kind of a big deal.
My brothers band is a little.. Alternative.
By that i mean a part of their performance is the singer painting her face red and the basist then "shooting" her in the head. Later the singer breaths in helium from a giant balloon, screams out some lyrics and then begins cutting off my brothers hair.
THAT is not normal... I tried to keep a straight face when he told me but it was kinda difficult to not look like i was scared shitless.
It's going to be interesting to say the least.
Going to go have dinner with Vicky before and then we'll go there together :D

Now its time for bed
Love yo faces
BAI <3

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update from tonight

I just got home from a party that Elvira, Thea, Victor and I went to. Our friend Laury was having a "housewarming party" for his new studio. So we went there and a few minutes into the party i see this really cute guy sitting (this is important - he was sitting) across the room.

He was kinda looking at me, i was kinda looking at him. You know the drill
Blabediblablabla - he comes over to sit next to me.
Turns out he's adorable, not that good at english though he's really trying. Studying grafic design in Paris. Just GAH i really liked him k?
So he's drinking this really disgusting looking drink. I ask him what it is and its vodka, lemonade (some kind of "saft") and baileys. I'm like:
- There is no way you are drinking that
- Challenge accepted

So he drinks it (i see on his face thats its absolutely horrid) and sets down the cup and smiles like a boss asking me if i want one. I'm kinda curious so i say what the hell YEAH! So he gets up to go and grab more vodka.

He gets up
and he's like 1,65m ...
For all the peeps that dont know... I'm 1,80m
I'm cool with guys being shorter and all. If i was picky i would rule out maybe 50% or more of all men across the world. But ~1,65m is just a bit to short. Ok so maybe he was around 1,70 or so, it was hard to tell but that is still reeeeally short...

guhuhu *tear*
aw well. I have his FB now so you never know but this is SO a situation where it sucks to be a tall girl.

Now its time for bed.
Love yo faces
BAI <3

Saturday, October 15, 2011

French Internet, just right now i'm waiting for the little box where i write in to load so that i can blog oh ok now its done.

Today i watched my first Rugby game ever! I hadn't thought about it before but i actually hadn't ever seen a real game :O. This horrible news made my "brother" highly intent on waking me up at 9:30 today to watch France v.s Wales.
I dont really know what to say about it. What i realised was that you have to be a complete idiot to want to play this sport.

"Why hello i dont rather like my teeth, i want them out. Oh and i like getting the crap beat out of me. What should i do" - Rugby

Now i feel bad because the same goes for people who want to play hockey and i worship that sport.

Yesterday Facebook was "down" for me all day. I felt so alone all of a sudden o.o. It was awful
it saved my life.
At like 20:00 FB was up again so i logged on totally excited and bubbly because i hadn't been on all day.
I log in.
one notification.
one message.
Check those out, check the news feed.


yeah so fuck fb.

tumblr isn't working O.O... I think i'm going to go die now.

So i go to the second best thing: YouTube :D
But because french internet is so freaking slow it takes forever to load an entire video. I have to pause and wait all the time for it to load. By the time its done i've lost interest and want to do something else.

So soon, after maybe doing a bunch more of useless stuff. I will do some homework. Or not ^^ We'll see. I love Saturdays!

Love you faces
BAI <3

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm in the play, i got a part, but not really... am i then in the play... really?


Today i had FFK just like every thursday. This lovely thursday we visited the Pantheon. A ginormous greekish thing of a building that is there in honor of Génevieve (omg spelling i dont even). She's is France's sacred whats-her-face. I really cant remember.
First of all i came late
(its not easy finding your way in Paris, especially if you are me... which i'm the only one who is, so you dont get it... damn)
Second, i was kinda taking pictures the entire time so heh...
I had already visited the place with my dad once so it wasn't all new to me. I already knew the story behind everything and i'd already once been down to the moldy, smelly, quite creepy crypte.... NOT pleasant i must say

After the Pantheon we went to a small Lebanese restaurent/take away place and bought some lunch :). It was veeery yummy and you got free tea!! :D

I later had to go back to school to have a french test which went sooo badly!!?!?
In the middle of the test i literally collapsed on the table and gave up.
I know this will sound bad but the thing is i've always naturally been pretty good at french so when i lived in Sweden i didn't have to work too hard to get a good grade. I'd already worked my ass off in Middle School so when i started at Kungsholmen i just rode my wave of french awesomeness all the way to my MVG. HERE everyone is amazing and works really hard and there's all this pressure to be really good...

My "screw grammer i'ma just be talking like a boss" attitude wont work here....

After school i had theatre!!! I seriously look forward to this every single week.
Today Niklas (the "director" or whatever you call him) gave out all of the parts in the play.
*please dont make me the retarded chick k thx bye*
He left the biggest girl parts for last. In the end it was only Thea, Victoria, Helin, Elin and I left. He started off with giving Helin a really small part which i dont think she was too happy with. Thea got Olivia, Elin got Liz and Victoria got the main part namely Grace!
So who am i?
Who am i going to portray in this wonderful play?
NOBODY. yupp, i'm not even getting a part.
I'm not upset though, i'll be doing the music.
I shouldn't be upset, its a better gig than playing the retarded, drooling girl in the wheelchair who hisses at people.
I just feel like i joined the theatre group to play theatre! Not sit behind a piano and play for an hour...
I guess i'll grow to love it. I wonder if i'll get to write my own music for it :D that would be awesome.

Here be some pics, yupp enjoy <3

inside the Pantheon
Down in the crypte
Posing infront of the fountain :D
what to do instead of focusing on your french test
Love yo face <3
BAI :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maaaaaaath Y U SO HARD!?

Tomorrow i have my first math C test.
I'm kinda nervous.
I really should be studying but im way to worried to even pick up my book. I'm scared that i'll look at everything and not understand a thing!
It's not my fault that my math teacher absolutely sucks. I want to strangle that woman for ruining my education.

Except for worrying my ass off about the math test, i've had a rather good day :).

After school i had a "mentor" - talk with Annika (my mentor... duh) and it was really nice. Usually those talks take like 20 min... Mine took 45 lol. I'm a talker.

But i just love talking to that woman! It's like talking to my mom o.o

Another awesome thing about today was that my hair was GORGEOUS! I just had the best hairday ever!!? Felt like doing this all day:
I've been waiting forever for a good hair day to come along so that i could use this gif!
I didn't think i could love this guy more, then i saw this gif.

Love yo faces and good night!
BAI <3

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oui mais tu es trop grande

Merci for stating the totally obvious.

I've never really had any trouble with being tall. Mostly because there are like a ton of advantages!
1. Most people think its better than being short, all models are really tall ;)
2. Its awesome if you are playing Basketball or Volleyball or even Soccer. It's just really good to be tall in a lot of sports!
3. CONCERTS omg enough said. I always see everything ^^.
4. Mah legs be miiiiles long :P
5. I can reach stuff lol

But ofc because i am who i am, i chose one of the only sports where it really sucks to be tall. I chose Ballet.
I've never had trouble with it in Sweden, nobody really gave a crap. Until i came to France...

My ballet group is having a huge show in May and it seriously looks like its going to be amazing! I would LOVE to be in it because its really serious and they start preparing now!
But what does the teacher say: "Oh you are a bit too tall, you cant be in the show"
Well what the hell am i supposed to do with that? I'm sorry, i'll start working on that now, promise i'll be better!? GAH F*ck you....

I didn't think i would take it personally but this seriously hurt my feelings.
"Hi i'm sorry for being a freak of nature, i'll just go back to my cave now"

It sucks that i cant be in the show but i'm not going to stop going to class and i'm still going to work really hard! Most of these girls have danced for 10 years, i have danced for three. So yeah, i'm proud i can keep up!
Anyone who says this isn't  a sport is a frickin lunatic, i would like to see them try...

Now i'm going to read about my french book on Wikipedia because i havn't finished it. Some things never change ;)

Love yo faces
BAI <3

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've realised that after i got here i've been obsessing about my weight even more than before. Everyone is talking about bread and gateau and starbucks and deserts. Constantly being aware of ones stomach fat is honestly exhausting! Just a few minutes ago i was scrolling through my movies and saw "Eat, Pray, Love".
I've only seen this movie once and it was at the cinema with Elise - it was awesome
I love this movei to bits! It has everything, including Julia Roberts (you cant go wrong with her)
One of my favorite parts is this:

I love using the "I'm having a relationship with my (insert food here)" - its just so perfect

So yeah, just gotta learn to love yourself. It's important.

Gotta go, its dinner time soon :)
Love yo faces <3

Not so Lazy sunday


Today i had trouble putting on my jeans. Why? Because it hurt so much. Why did it hurt? Because my entire left leg is filled with bruises.
Not going to go through all the details, all i'm saying is: Dont fall down stairs, it hurts like hell.
Dont fall down stairs sober,
Dont fall down stairs drunk,
Just dont fall down stairs ok?
Cus you will get cancer, AND DIE!
or just, be in loads of pain... like me

That was yesterday. TODAY I went to Starbucks in La Defense and got a White Chocolate Mocha and a strawberry cheesecake. "Because i'm worth it OKEY!!!"
I sat there and tried to do some math while fighting off extremely annoying pigeons that kept flying up onto my table or flying an inch over my head. I actually felt their gross wings flap agains my head.
One seriously tried to eat my cheesecake.
So yeah, i smacked him with pencil case.
Bitches be crazy when you try and steal their food, he was asking for it...

Then i went to Sephora and bought an orange lipliner.
My beautiful friend Elise has one and i kinda fell in love with it so now i have my own!
Then i searched maybe 6 stores for the right kind of knitted scarf that i want. I did eventually find it :)
The crazy thing is that the lip liner and the scarf cost the same... What is this crazy world..
Because i have really thin lips i had to make this face so that you would actually see the lipcolor... 
So thats awkward...
Here you can see the scarf :) Standard.

Now i'm going to try and do some french homework that i have for tomorrow. Still doing the Conditionnel -.- asdakjshdaksga so boring...

Love yo face <3

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Missing home


After being here for a bit more than a month there are a lot of things that i miss. The one thing that i miss the most though is a sense of home. The feeling of that you can do anything you want (even if that is nothing) and that that is totally fine and you're totally comfortable with it. Not feeling like you have to get out of your room and be social with you family. Honestly what sane teenager feels guilty about not doing that.
It's easy to feel trapped in your little room sometimes.

Luckly i have my wonderful extra family here with me in Paris to make me feel more at home (and i'm not talking about my host family)
Some pics of my family <3
movie night last night without the movie.
one of the bahgillion fountains like this in Paris
Papi plays with some children in the parc
Swedish candy store in Montmartre :)

I have to post something that i saw on the subway, i found it quite hilarious:

For the non french people it says:
"Brian is in the kitchen, were he stays" - making me a sandwich
Thank you whoever made this

Love yo faces, hope ur weekend has been nice so far ;)
BAI <3

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cant sleep

Hey blog people

I have this issue, or its kind of more like a mindset.
Sometimes I cant sleep because i dont want it to be tomorrow.
I dont know if other people feel like this.
It's like i'm reluctant to my life moving forward.
I'd much rather stay in what is now, even if that is 1:30, sitting with my computer in my bed.
The fact that i'm getting up at 5 tomorrow to have time to shower doesn't make things better.
But my mind works in mysterious ways.
Instead of then actually going to bed. I convince myself that the best thing to do is to just stay awake, because that will somehow push up day.

"Night will always push up day" - Mumford & Sons - After the storm
I guess it goes both ways.

On of the best things i know is staying up until maybe 2:00, taking a shower, making some tea, eating som food and just sitting and soaking up the night.

Like i said, i dont want it to become tomorrow.
It's way to late for me to write anything about what happened today.
Tomorrow I probs wont be home because i have choir and dance after school and then i might be going to a friends house for a movie night. So no blogging then either.
I just felt like sharing this factoid about myself.

Love yo face <3 Good night

This is cute, i'd love to be an owl (night owl), sick of being human.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Title is unrelated

I have 30 min to finish my "conditionnelle" french exercise, write five sentences in "conditionnelle" and finish my french essay on fashion and style.

You ask what "conditionelle" is?
Well its a verb tense. You know like:

"If i wasn't such an idiot, i would have my wallet right now"

That my friends is "conditionelle"
woulda, coulda, shoulda

So what am i doing right now except for writing this post?
I sit and watch my computer download the latest episode of Glee.
Thats how motivated i am today!!
I actually stayed in school two extra hours to sit and do Physics and math so i'm not a total slacker.
I just cant make myselft lift my ass of of the bed and sit down at my desk.
I know i'm going to end up having to do it after dinner anyway. So why not rest now?
Yes my logic is impecable.

Going back to watching that little bar get filled up!
Love you faces, happy wednesday!
BAI <3

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Study like a good student?" "Tumblr says no"

I was scrolling through my iPhoto and found pictures of the artwork that i left in Sweden!
Because i've been talking about if i should color in my Bon Iver portrait with aquarelle (water colors) i thought i'd post my second ever successful aquarelle painting. Why i say second is because the first one i ever made was of a small blue "punch-buggy" (en bubbla för alla ni svenskar <3) that had gotten stuck in the grass. I really like it but it didn't make the wall --> no picture.
It's quite small but here it is:

love yo face <3

New look, same old me


So I changed the look of my blog. I hope nobody gets upset by this.
I just felt like there was too much going on in the last one for it to be a "comfortable read".

So today i woke up extra bleedin early (like 5:30 -.-) to have time to go to La Defense and look for my wallet + buscard.
When i get to La Defense and find the information place. I try to tell this poor woman about how i lost my wallet last night. She was unfathomably kind to me and showed me the way to some hidden office.
I walk in and this man takes me into his office. He asks me to repeat everything (that went swell). After a while he finally understood what had happened and checked his papers to see if anyone had brought it in.
I didn't quite understand what happened after that...
He gave me this number and told me that if i called it they would help me find my wallet.
Sounds legit.
So I asked if could call it now?
But no ofc, it was too early. No one in there right mine would be working at this hour ><.

After school i go to La Defense again and try calling the number. What happens when i call it:
AbsolutEly NOTHING.
I call and i dont even hear it dial. There is NOTHING TO HEAR.
Pissed and upset and set off towards the information desk again.
This time its some dude sitting there and i ask if he speaks english.
Eh NO (atleast he's honest, not like most frenchies who say "öööh yäs a wittew")
Apparently he spoke japanese aswell, that must be useful.
So anyways, he checkes his computer for my wallet but comes up with nothing.
Nobody has handed it in.

This man does give me another number though that i should call on friday. That number will take me to the agency that takes care of all lost items (from all stations/busses/trains and more).

I need to start with some physics homework now...
(I realise now that i've been spelling physics with an F and that is why my computer has always told me its not spelled correctly. I'm very sorry for this.)

If you are going to learn anything from this its:

But it could have been worse, i could have had my VISA in it. Thank GOD i didn't lose that!

Love yo face, hope the new blog looks ok (i have a thing for dark blogs ^^)
BAI <3

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm just made out of stupid


So this post was supposed to be about how much of an awesome time i had at my first dance lesson. But that is kind of overshadowed by the fact that i have now lost my buscard.
It took, what, three weeks? I had my card for THREE WEEKS, now its gone.
So the events leading up to the actual loosing of the card are full of mistakes. Read:

Mistake 1:
So to clear things up. At Romain-Rolland there are three busstations. One goes to Rueill- Malmaison, the two others both go to La Defense. I (who is going to La Defense) ofc with my luck goes to sit at the "wrong" busstation.
It is not really the wrong one though because i successfully used it last week to get back home!
Anywho, i sit there 21:09, the bus is supposed to come 21:11, i'm on time, life is good.
I see the buss coming and i stand up. The buss on the other hand, turnes away from me to the other station. I stand there, flabergasted, not knowing if i should run to the other station or not! Before i can make up my mind the buss has left. Shit balls...

Mistake 2:
After missing the buss i do not (like a normal intelligent person) go to that busstation. I STAY. Because thats the stupid thing to do. I was sure that MY buss would come soon, so i stayed... After sitting there for maybe 20 min i'm starting to lose faith.
The buss arrives. I hop up from the bench and run out to meet the bus. It stops, i jump on, "blip" my buscard (i have my card here). The bussdriver then looks at me and says in french:
"I'm supposed to stop up there but you can hang on till then".
I freak, standing there like a dumbass, he goes the extra meters up to the third busstop. The one towards Rueill-Malmaison. So i ask him which busstop im supposed to use and ofc it was the one that i wasn't sitting at.

Mistake 3:
I run off the buss, not checking where any of my things are, too confused, tired and weirded out to even think about anything but getting home!
So i go sit at the "right" station for like 30 min until the bus comes.

Mistake 4:
I get on the bus and realise i dont have my buscard.
Here's the thing. It is impossible to find ANYTHING in my bag so sometimes it takes a while to find stuff. But whatever, i couldn't find my wallet with my buscard in it.
Here is the mistake. Instead of getting off again like someone smart and start to look around the station for the card. I just hop on and try to search even more in my bag which i should have known was a hopeless cause.

Mistake 5:
So now i'm in a state of panic. I cant find my wallet with my card in it. In my wallet i have my buscard, my id-card and a bunch of small euro coins. So really it could have been worse.
Now on the bus, in all my panic and almost rage-tears i miss my stop.
Oh yes, i'm just made out of stupid.
So i get off at the next stop.

Mistake 6:
These just keep on coming dont they.
I go sit at another busstop that would take me home. After about 20 min i remember that i dont have a buscard anymore and cant use the freaking bus!?!
So then i walked. Having no clue where on earth i actually was, i walked.
Because thats what stubborn people who are made out of stupid do.
Totally ready to get attacked and raped i powerwalk in some unknown direction hoping it will bring me home.

Mistake 7:
This one isn't that bad. It's just that i actually walked by my house. I missed my house -.-
I was so happy to find my street that i actually didn't notice when i walked by my own house.


So thats it.... I'm going early to La Defense tomorrow with Baptiste to see if anyone has handed it in. Please dear god let me have dropped it on the first bus..

So thats that.
My dance lesson was actually really great. I had forgotten how much i love dancing!
It is pretty hard but that just means that i'll push myself even more!
I'll be awesome when i get back ;).
Lesson on friday again! If there is room in the group i get to dance.

Love yo faces, goodnight
BAI <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lazy Sundays

So heres the thing. I dont feel like doing any homework today.
Instead, i think i'm going to read all day.
The book i'm reading is:
Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie (third book in the series - "The First Law")

1. The Blade itself
2. Before they are Hanged
3. Last Argument of Kings

There is also another book set in the same world (with some of the same characters) that is called:
"Best Served Cold" - asdfajhsg so awesome

The newest of his books is called "Heroes"
I have not read this one yet :P.
(youre welcome Johanna)

If you are by any chance interested in fantasy books. Please read these books, you will love them.
Oh and if your a total "girl" and your offended by or dont like gore, then why dont you read your seventeen magazine instead...
Here it is, i look retarded but if i dont smile in pictures i look very depressed, and i'm not. So SMILE!

"If it's not due tomorrow, it's not homework"
- Unknown but very intelligent student

Love yo faces, have a nice sunday :)