Saturday, October 1, 2011

The reason i even started to write music

The first time i ever actually wrote a legit song was for a music class. But the reason i kept on doing it was because every thursday in 8th grade i got to hang out with Malin.
I have these wonderful memories of Malin, Lovisa and I sitting in the little space between the hallway and the auditorium, playing music during our choice lesson.
Its hard to explain but there was like a little "air-room" between these two doors to keep the sound out and it was just enough space for two people on either side and a guitar.
But what i'm trying to say is that i would never have pushed myself or believed in myself enough to write music if i hadn't had Malin to inspire me!
She is amazing and i came across one of her songs today and felt like sharing it!
She's really great and like 10 times better than me so LISTEN TO THIS!!

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