Saturday, October 15, 2011

French Internet, just right now i'm waiting for the little box where i write in to load so that i can blog oh ok now its done.

Today i watched my first Rugby game ever! I hadn't thought about it before but i actually hadn't ever seen a real game :O. This horrible news made my "brother" highly intent on waking me up at 9:30 today to watch France v.s Wales.
I dont really know what to say about it. What i realised was that you have to be a complete idiot to want to play this sport.

"Why hello i dont rather like my teeth, i want them out. Oh and i like getting the crap beat out of me. What should i do" - Rugby

Now i feel bad because the same goes for people who want to play hockey and i worship that sport.

Yesterday Facebook was "down" for me all day. I felt so alone all of a sudden o.o. It was awful
it saved my life.
At like 20:00 FB was up again so i logged on totally excited and bubbly because i hadn't been on all day.
I log in.
one notification.
one message.
Check those out, check the news feed.


yeah so fuck fb.

tumblr isn't working O.O... I think i'm going to go die now.

So i go to the second best thing: YouTube :D
But because french internet is so freaking slow it takes forever to load an entire video. I have to pause and wait all the time for it to load. By the time its done i've lost interest and want to do something else.

So soon, after maybe doing a bunch more of useless stuff. I will do some homework. Or not ^^ We'll see. I love Saturdays!

Love you faces
BAI <3

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