Saturday, October 8, 2011

Missing home


After being here for a bit more than a month there are a lot of things that i miss. The one thing that i miss the most though is a sense of home. The feeling of that you can do anything you want (even if that is nothing) and that that is totally fine and you're totally comfortable with it. Not feeling like you have to get out of your room and be social with you family. Honestly what sane teenager feels guilty about not doing that.
It's easy to feel trapped in your little room sometimes.

Luckly i have my wonderful extra family here with me in Paris to make me feel more at home (and i'm not talking about my host family)
Some pics of my family <3
movie night last night without the movie.
one of the bahgillion fountains like this in Paris
Papi plays with some children in the parc
Swedish candy store in Montmartre :)

I have to post something that i saw on the subway, i found it quite hilarious:

For the non french people it says:
"Brian is in the kitchen, were he stays" - making me a sandwich
Thank you whoever made this

Love yo faces, hope ur weekend has been nice so far ;)
BAI <3

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