Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm just made out of stupid


So this post was supposed to be about how much of an awesome time i had at my first dance lesson. But that is kind of overshadowed by the fact that i have now lost my buscard.
It took, what, three weeks? I had my card for THREE WEEKS, now its gone.
So the events leading up to the actual loosing of the card are full of mistakes. Read:

Mistake 1:
So to clear things up. At Romain-Rolland there are three busstations. One goes to Rueill- Malmaison, the two others both go to La Defense. I (who is going to La Defense) ofc with my luck goes to sit at the "wrong" busstation.
It is not really the wrong one though because i successfully used it last week to get back home!
Anywho, i sit there 21:09, the bus is supposed to come 21:11, i'm on time, life is good.
I see the buss coming and i stand up. The buss on the other hand, turnes away from me to the other station. I stand there, flabergasted, not knowing if i should run to the other station or not! Before i can make up my mind the buss has left. Shit balls...

Mistake 2:
After missing the buss i do not (like a normal intelligent person) go to that busstation. I STAY. Because thats the stupid thing to do. I was sure that MY buss would come soon, so i stayed... After sitting there for maybe 20 min i'm starting to lose faith.
The buss arrives. I hop up from the bench and run out to meet the bus. It stops, i jump on, "blip" my buscard (i have my card here). The bussdriver then looks at me and says in french:
"I'm supposed to stop up there but you can hang on till then".
I freak, standing there like a dumbass, he goes the extra meters up to the third busstop. The one towards Rueill-Malmaison. So i ask him which busstop im supposed to use and ofc it was the one that i wasn't sitting at.

Mistake 3:
I run off the buss, not checking where any of my things are, too confused, tired and weirded out to even think about anything but getting home!
So i go sit at the "right" station for like 30 min until the bus comes.

Mistake 4:
I get on the bus and realise i dont have my buscard.
Here's the thing. It is impossible to find ANYTHING in my bag so sometimes it takes a while to find stuff. But whatever, i couldn't find my wallet with my buscard in it.
Here is the mistake. Instead of getting off again like someone smart and start to look around the station for the card. I just hop on and try to search even more in my bag which i should have known was a hopeless cause.

Mistake 5:
So now i'm in a state of panic. I cant find my wallet with my card in it. In my wallet i have my buscard, my id-card and a bunch of small euro coins. So really it could have been worse.
Now on the bus, in all my panic and almost rage-tears i miss my stop.
Oh yes, i'm just made out of stupid.
So i get off at the next stop.

Mistake 6:
These just keep on coming dont they.
I go sit at another busstop that would take me home. After about 20 min i remember that i dont have a buscard anymore and cant use the freaking bus!?!
So then i walked. Having no clue where on earth i actually was, i walked.
Because thats what stubborn people who are made out of stupid do.
Totally ready to get attacked and raped i powerwalk in some unknown direction hoping it will bring me home.

Mistake 7:
This one isn't that bad. It's just that i actually walked by my house. I missed my house -.-
I was so happy to find my street that i actually didn't notice when i walked by my own house.


So thats it.... I'm going early to La Defense tomorrow with Baptiste to see if anyone has handed it in. Please dear god let me have dropped it on the first bus..

So thats that.
My dance lesson was actually really great. I had forgotten how much i love dancing!
It is pretty hard but that just means that i'll push myself even more!
I'll be awesome when i get back ;).
Lesson on friday again! If there is room in the group i get to dance.

Love yo faces, goodnight
BAI <3

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  1. Haha, at least you got lost AFTER your dance lesson! :D miss you :3