Monday, October 10, 2011

Oui mais tu es trop grande

Merci for stating the totally obvious.

I've never really had any trouble with being tall. Mostly because there are like a ton of advantages!
1. Most people think its better than being short, all models are really tall ;)
2. Its awesome if you are playing Basketball or Volleyball or even Soccer. It's just really good to be tall in a lot of sports!
3. CONCERTS omg enough said. I always see everything ^^.
4. Mah legs be miiiiles long :P
5. I can reach stuff lol

But ofc because i am who i am, i chose one of the only sports where it really sucks to be tall. I chose Ballet.
I've never had trouble with it in Sweden, nobody really gave a crap. Until i came to France...

My ballet group is having a huge show in May and it seriously looks like its going to be amazing! I would LOVE to be in it because its really serious and they start preparing now!
But what does the teacher say: "Oh you are a bit too tall, you cant be in the show"
Well what the hell am i supposed to do with that? I'm sorry, i'll start working on that now, promise i'll be better!? GAH F*ck you....

I didn't think i would take it personally but this seriously hurt my feelings.
"Hi i'm sorry for being a freak of nature, i'll just go back to my cave now"

It sucks that i cant be in the show but i'm not going to stop going to class and i'm still going to work really hard! Most of these girls have danced for 10 years, i have danced for three. So yeah, i'm proud i can keep up!
Anyone who says this isn't  a sport is a frickin lunatic, i would like to see them try...

Now i'm going to read about my french book on Wikipedia because i havn't finished it. Some things never change ;)

Love yo faces
BAI <3

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  1. Hugg bara av fötterna och lite av benen, så blir du kortare! PROBLEM SOLVED! :D Nej men jag vet, när jag var liten fick jag inte spela barn i en pjäs vi hade i 3an för att jag skulle vara längre än både mamma och pappa då. GISSA OM JAG BLEV LEDSEN. Fast det äger att va lång ändå ;)