Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going out on weekdays, pour quoi pas?

At the moment I'm sitting in my room and its 20 min past twelve. I have a box of müsli in my lap and i'm dead tired...
I just got back from the Gibus and i'm starving. It's just been one of those - omg i cant stop eating - days,  hahah i have them all the time.

So the Gibus was a lot of fun! I'll post pictures tomorrow because i cant be bothered to load them onto the computer now.
My brothers band was really good! I'd only heard them play in the basement and there is a big difference between that and a stage but i think they worked it quite nicely

(wow i sound like a pompous ass, whats happening to me? I havn't used awesome once since this post started. awesome.. There, two times!).

After tonight i've come to the conclusion that my host brother is probably as much of a "retard" as i am. Seriously, him on stage, was the funniest yet cutest thing ever. I doubt "cute" was what he aimed for (band name reference <3) but it was inevitable x).
Yes they did cut his hair. Not that much but a little. Hhahaha freakin weirdo.
But seeing as this was a competition, who won?
But ofc THEY WON!

So now they are going to have a second concert (this time on a weekend). I dont know if people will have to buy tickets and come watch that one. I kinda hope not because i doubt people will pay 10€ again for another concert. I mean, you didn't even get a free beer or anything. Rip off....

Now i have to sleep. Because i do have school tomorrow.

Sleep tight all my lovelies <3

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