Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lazy Sundays

So heres the thing. I dont feel like doing any homework today.
Instead, i think i'm going to read all day.
The book i'm reading is:
Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie (third book in the series - "The First Law")

1. The Blade itself
2. Before they are Hanged
3. Last Argument of Kings

There is also another book set in the same world (with some of the same characters) that is called:
"Best Served Cold" - asdfajhsg so awesome

The newest of his books is called "Heroes"
I have not read this one yet :P.
(youre welcome Johanna)

If you are by any chance interested in fantasy books. Please read these books, you will love them.
Oh and if your a total "girl" and your offended by or dont like gore, then why dont you read your seventeen magazine instead...
Here it is, i look retarded but if i dont smile in pictures i look very depressed, and i'm not. So SMILE!

"If it's not due tomorrow, it's not homework"
- Unknown but very intelligent student

Love yo faces, have a nice sunday :)


  1. Bra att du skriver vad första boken heter så att vi andra nördar kan joina din klubb? ;)

  2. haha du är så petig! Nu har jag lagt till det!
    Så nu MÅSTE du läsa dom OK!?

  3. Puss puss :) Klart jag ska! Så fort våran läx-prov-inlämningsuppgift-massa skolarbete-bomb har lagt sig är det första jag gör att gå till något ställe och fixa fram första boken ;)