Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update from tonight

I just got home from a party that Elvira, Thea, Victor and I went to. Our friend Laury was having a "housewarming party" for his new studio. So we went there and a few minutes into the party i see this really cute guy sitting (this is important - he was sitting) across the room.

He was kinda looking at me, i was kinda looking at him. You know the drill
Blabediblablabla - he comes over to sit next to me.
Turns out he's adorable, not that good at english though he's really trying. Studying grafic design in Paris. Just GAH i really liked him k?
So he's drinking this really disgusting looking drink. I ask him what it is and its vodka, lemonade (some kind of "saft") and baileys. I'm like:
- There is no way you are drinking that
- Challenge accepted

So he drinks it (i see on his face thats its absolutely horrid) and sets down the cup and smiles like a boss asking me if i want one. I'm kinda curious so i say what the hell YEAH! So he gets up to go and grab more vodka.

He gets up
and he's like 1,65m ...
For all the peeps that dont know... I'm 1,80m
I'm cool with guys being shorter and all. If i was picky i would rule out maybe 50% or more of all men across the world. But ~1,65m is just a bit to short. Ok so maybe he was around 1,70 or so, it was hard to tell but that is still reeeeally short...

guhuhu *tear*
aw well. I have his FB now so you never know but this is SO a situation where it sucks to be a tall girl.

Now its time for bed.
Love yo faces
BAI <3


  1. jag vill verkligen like:a så jag gör det med ord istället. Han var ju grymt söt. Missade hans längd dock.

  2. Om du är riktigt packad tänker du inte på längden...? :D Nej men jag vet hur det är, VARFÖR ska typ alla snygga killar vara korta? :(((