Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bad updating + LAB REPORT :D


Sorry for not updating in a really long time! The stress of school is finally catching up with me and i have a hell of a lot to do, including my first lab report this year! Is it super nerdy that i'm actually looking forward to this? I do find it quite sad that there are Swedish students who STILL dont know how to write a correct and complete lab report. I was talking to someone in my lab class about lab reports and how i thought the Discussion part in the end is the most fun to write. They just looked at me all blank and asked what the Discussion part was.
.... -.-

The lab was pretty basic, i probably did a similar one in year 7. It was all about pH and using litmus paper. OH YEAH thats how swedish high school labs ROLL!
All the Chem B students were like " REALLY?? really...? This is what we are doing?"
I'm pretty sure som Chem A students were thinking the same.
Thats the Swedish school system for ya.

Last night I hung out with Moa :). Seeing as we are both practically broke this late into the month we made a dinner that only cost 2,4€ each :P. It was just pasta with zucchini, eggplant and creme fraiche. Even though it sounds kinda lame it was VERY YUMMY!
Like i so often say when i am cooking:
If there is something i've learnt from Jamie Oliver it's that you can come a long way with olive oil, lemon and salt!

We then went home to my house, sat in my window and talked a bunch. The "watching a movie" part of the night kinda failed seeing as Moa fell asleep 2 min into the movie! I on the other hand was really hyper and kept on watching. But then i realized that sleeping in our clothes, with all out make up on, maybe wasn't the best idea. So i woke the poor thing up and then eventually (at like 2, ooh such rebels) we went to bed.


God i really dont have anything interesting to write
I'm so sorry.
I just cleaned my room?
And ate a banana.
yeah... that'll do

Love your faces
BAI <3

Sunday, November 20, 2011


How to feel insignificant as a pianist - watch this video.
He is amazing, but it pains me to know that i will never have the dedication to become this good.
For those who know nothing of classical music, he has not written these songs, it is a mashup of well known classical pieces together with some happy birthday melodies. Confused? Dont be, watch the clip ;).

Um.. okey

It's a bit hard to study or practice for choir this afternoon when my host brother is in the dining room playing the piano LOUDLY and is singing even LOUDER! I can hardly hear myself think...

He's a bit special my brother

Just felt like updating today, i've already said what i'm doing today in earlier posts. I just felt like writing, because i dont want to study math...
I think i better go grab my ipod and try to drown out the "music".

Here is something from tumblr that MADE MY DAY. Legit tears came from my eyes

I dont know if its as funny if you dont have tumblr or get what its all about but seriously, how can you not love this?

Love yo faces
BAI <3

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Next project?

So now that i've finished the Bon Iver portait i'm starting to think about what i want to do next. Buying the Florence & the Machine tickets kind of inspired me so i'm thinking about doing a portrait of Florence. But not like the typical "this Florence, this is her face, look how pretty she is" portrait.
I found a picture of her and i kind of fell in love
It's really gorgeous and it has so much potential to turn into a really cool drawing. Now i just have to decide between A4 pencil drawing or A3 watercolor.
What i really wanna do is A4 watercolor but i dont have the right paper for that... So FML
I want to make her hair firey red!!! But i cant be bothered to make i A3
Oh yes i have so many problems


Byebye :P <3

Elevensies and Florence

Second post today :P

Today i woke up to go to fnac and get concert tickets, not just any tickets, FLORENCE & THE MACHINE TICKETS!
This does make me feel a little bit better about missing out on the 30STM concert...
While waiting for Moa to show up i had elevensies (dont know about the spelling, LOTRs fans?)
If you are ever in France, buy this yoghurt, seriously, DO IT! They come in different flavors and they are crazy yummy. Then ofc some chocolate :). My P.E teacher made a big mistake when she told a class of almost only girls that dark chocolate is very good for you and that you should eat some every day. I will take that as an invitation to shove craploads of chocolate down my mouth thank you. Healthy November month is going great as i you can tell!

I read a bit in my french book, then Moa came.
ASDFGHJKL *FANGIRLSCREAMING* I seriously felt ill when i got the tickets in my hands, i was so happy. My life feels complete. I'm gonna go see Florence & the Machine LIVE! Someone pinch me...

While on the subject of fangirl screaming, a bunch of swedes went and saw Breaking Dawn yesterday.
It's embarrassing to admit but i was a total twi-hard back in the day... Oh yes. I was all team Edward, reading the books over and over again.
I have now realized how shitty these books/movies really are. Like REALLY shitty. So i didn't feel like going with a bunch of people who actually like the series. I'd rather go with people who dislike Twilight as much as myself and then heckle for two hours straight :).
I still remember seeing Twilight at the New Moon premier with my dear friend Elise and she screamed out "MAN WEAVE" when Taylor Lautner came into view. HILARIOUS
I'm still sad about the fact that we didn't scream out mermaid when Bella did the whole "I know what you are" "say it, out loud"... "A MERMAID!!!" (watch Nigahiga twilight thing to get the joke ^^).

I AM going to go see the movie, probably in theaters. It just feels like, i dunno, i did "embark on this journey" so now i damn well have to finish it. I can go with my mom during christmas holiday :P

Now i need to study some math.
Love yo faces
BAI <3

Last weekend

I dont have anything planned for today so i thought i'd share with you what i did last weekend :).

As i mentioned in and earlier post, last saturday i was at Méderic making gingerbread houses :). It was a competition and unfortunately my group came second to last.... I at least really like our house! We had even made a little Santa out of a mandarin!!! How is that not winning material. Judge for yourself, here are the pictures :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Aw shit... literally shit


After school today i went for a run, specifically a run around Fort Mont Valérian. It's not that far from my house but because i'm lazy i usually take the bus one station just to get there ;).

I decided to go out running a bit late, so it was like 19:30 when i actually got my ass out of the house. Or my face away from the computer. I was just watching the Hunger Games trailer over and over and over and over again anyway...

I didn't think about the fact that at 19:30, its pretty freaking dark out, and 90% of the track around Mont Valérian isn't lit up. I wasn't running fast because i wanted a good workout. I was running fast because i have been watching waaaaaaaay to much Supernatural to not be freaked out by every little noise/shadow that i came across.
Most people are scared of rapists or druggies at night.
I'm scared of demons and vengeful spirits. NOT.EVEN.JOKING

I'm the master of long "intros", the point i was going to make is:
People in Paris dont usually pick up after their dogs. After a while though, you start to get a sixth sense for this. I can seriously be reading and walking at the same time, then SENSE that there is poop on the ground, look away from my book for a brief second, step over the poop and then keep going.
BUT, if it is dark and i am out running (away from all the scary monsters that are staring at me from the bushes) then i will not notice dark brown poop on the black ground, not even my sixth sense picks that up.
Oh yes, i did actually step into a pile of dog shit. It was lovely... The only thing good that came out of this is that i swore in french without even thinking about it x).

I actually ran like 5/6 km, which is like badass awesome a lot for me because usually i only run like 3km or so. Now i ran almost 6!!! :D:D:D:D:D I ran 3km in 20 min and then i ran around the fort one more time and i swear i ran even faster the second time. OH YEAH!

This became awfully long for just being about running.
Well it was about shit as well i guess

Now its time for bed, i'm pooped (see what i did there)
Next time i'll put up the pictures from the gingerbread house competition thing that i went to this weekend. It was FUNFUNFUNFUN!

Love yo faces
BAI <3

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tumblr > Homework, as always


Apparently my host brother sprained his ankle while playing basketball so right now he's at the hospital with his mom, his dad is doing god nows what and i get to warm some ready made food for dinner.
Yummy yummy!
Whoever said the french make quality dinners was seriously mistaken. They at least didn't take my family into account...

Today i had two hours of rehearsal for the BAT. The auditions are tomorrow and i'm going to sing both "Love Song" with a small band and i'm going to sing alto in "Hide and Seek" with the choir. I'm still unsure about my harmony and i dont know the lyrics. So thats going to go well :D

The judging system for the BAT seems really strange. Like, Ellie and Baptiste who are in "Love Song" with me are in the jury as well (ô.o). French/Swedish numbers are high priority so we dont even have to be that great. Karin, who is in charge of the choir, is in the jury and will be voting for us. Although she has told us that the french dont have the same "choir tradition" as us and might not understand how hard it is to sing what we are singing.
And OH MY GOD is it really hard...
So we might not make the cut.
omg that would suck! *scoff* but like, whatever... i dont even care...


I'm going to do some homework and then eat... i guess. Because trying to convince myself that i'm not hungry is really not working..

Love yo faceeess
BAI <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I dont know what to write as a title for this

Hey! (for some reason the font is different... dont ask me why)

Last day of the short vacation and i'm waiting to get to eat dinner. Idk were my parents are, if they are going to make dinner or not, or if anyone is home. I'm just so tired and dont feel like leaving my room hahaha ssooooo lazy.

I actually have something that i do want to write about!
Omg like I have something of importance to convey to YOU!

I often hear that people like and appreciate french culture. The food, the music, the whatever it is we have shoved into our brains and then meshed into a french stereotypical heaven. I do like the french "culture" or whatever that is.

Something that i dont like too much is how conservative the french culture is.
I have heard a million times since i got here how important it is for the french to preserve the "french way of life". 

I mean just their language is evidence of how conservative they are! It has hardly changed at all in hundreds of years! French students can read french literature from the 16th century and actually understand what is says. I mean just reading literature from like 100 years ago in swedish can be difficult!

But language aside. 
The one conservative thing that bothers me the most is the difference between men and women.

This is something that i came across last time i was in France as well.
It was in Lille 2010 and i was having a sports lesson with my "host sister" at the time and her class. We were playing football and they automatically made it boys against boys and girls against girls. Its was just so obvious that girls couldn't play with the boys because the boys played for real.

I mean, in sweden it usually ends up like this anyway (at least before i started at KG were everyone is really ambitious even in sports) but at least we had a choice!
After 20 seconds of playing i wanted to play with the guys. The girls only fed the stereotype that "girls cant play football", playing consisted of 10 girls constantly running after the ball and screaming and flailing around the goal.... -.-

Maybe if these girls hadn't been fed this stereotype all their life or had been treated in the same way as the guys then they wouldn't be such GIRLS (just the fact that the word "girl" can mean an annoying, cowardly, pink, frilly excuse of a person is sad in itself).

When Elise was here we made peasoup and pancakes for dinner. I asked if i could drink milk with my dinner because that is what we do in Sweden (i am aware not everyone drinks milk with their dinner but I DO OK!?).
My host dad then stated that they dont do this in France ( i was aware....). He also said men and women had different relationships with milk. Milk was apparently something that women could drink but not men? No not men, the "drink of men" was WINE.
*cough* sorry what?
i wanted to ask him what world he was living in but
1. I dont know how to (stupid french..)
2. La politesse (to be polite)
This statement just felt so outdated and ridiculous!

For the BAT (a concert thing at school) me and some other swedish girls are performing with Baptiste and his friend Ellie. Karin (the principal and extra mom for all the students at SSP ^^) told us that she thought it was fun that Sofia is playing bass because girls dont generally play instruments in Paris.
I'm sorry WHAT?
All of a sudden i felt extremely stupid standing there with four other girls, singing, while Ellie played the piano and Baptiste played the drums.
I highly doubt girls dont play instruments in France. But i guess only guys get to showcase their talents, or are encouraged to.
This pisses me off the MOST!
As a girl who plays the guitar and piano and sings i just feel like being told that girls dont "really play instruments" here is down right degrading and derogatory. What kind of society is this!? I guess its a "guy" thing to play instruments. Girls are supposed to stand there, look pretty, and sing.

Thank god i was not raised in a world like that! I was raised by parents who encouraged me to take up just as much space as any man (i feel a swenglish warning here, translated this directly from swedish haha please excuse me if that is the case!). To not act like such a "girl" (no wonder i hardly ever wear dresses) and man up. That France is still raising their daughters to believe that they aren't as important as boys is quite frankly tragic.

If i was Adrian i would end this in some awesome kind of "in Sweden there is equality between men and women and thats so great" blablabla statistics stuff that makes me seem smart.
But i cant be bothered to look that up.
All i know is Swedish girls in general are pretty awesome when it comes to "acting like men", also known as being strong and powerful individuals.
So i'm real happy to be Swedish!

Its like eight a clock now. I'm hungry and i'm going to watch some Supernatural :)
Love yo faces
BAI <3

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I've had a week of from school now and my best friend Elise has been here :). She went back home to Sweden today so i've been kinda down.
First i had to wake up at like 5 to go to the bus with her. Then i went home, fell alseep and woke up at like one with my host mom knocking on my door wondering if i wanted to eat some lunch. I was sooo not hungry. I'm STILL not hungry. I've lived off of a banana and two pieces of chocolate today. Oh yeah, healthy as can be!

I thought i'd post a picture of my new hair! Yes Elise dyed and bleached and what-not-ed my hair on tuesday and i know i'm an awful person for not putting up a picture earlier.
Yupp, i can no longer blame my stupidity on being blonde!
Hopefully the blonde ends show! I'm going to make them bolder and dye more of the hair blonde during winter break i think :). Hair needs to rest now x).

So today i have seriously stayed in my room ALL DAY! What have i been doing?
I have been doing this :D

I'm so excited, i've been wanting to do a Justin Vernon portrait for like a year and i'm not exaggerating!
This started out as just pencil but i decided i really wanted to challenge myself and do watercolor over it so this is the result! I hope i didn't ruin it or anything :o, that would suck.

haha people who degrade their own work really piss me off so ima just gona say that i am so happy with this :D <3

Now i dont really know what to do...
So um yeah.
Have a nice weekend x)
Love yo faces
BAI <3

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

post 70

I dont have much to write, i'm going to go pick up Eliseeey-pooh from Porte Maillot in like 30min :).

My parents sent me two pictures of the pumpkins that they made this year. Because my family still has some kind of American love for Halloween we always decorate our house and we ALWAYS make Jack-o-lanters. My mom takes this stuff to a whole new level though. Instead of just making happy or sad faces with triangle eyes. She actually makes ART!

Dont believe me? Well here is what she made this year:

Yes my mom is awesome
Love yo faces
BAI <3