Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bad updating + LAB REPORT :D


Sorry for not updating in a really long time! The stress of school is finally catching up with me and i have a hell of a lot to do, including my first lab report this year! Is it super nerdy that i'm actually looking forward to this? I do find it quite sad that there are Swedish students who STILL dont know how to write a correct and complete lab report. I was talking to someone in my lab class about lab reports and how i thought the Discussion part in the end is the most fun to write. They just looked at me all blank and asked what the Discussion part was.
.... -.-

The lab was pretty basic, i probably did a similar one in year 7. It was all about pH and using litmus paper. OH YEAH thats how swedish high school labs ROLL!
All the Chem B students were like " REALLY?? really...? This is what we are doing?"
I'm pretty sure som Chem A students were thinking the same.
Thats the Swedish school system for ya.

Last night I hung out with Moa :). Seeing as we are both practically broke this late into the month we made a dinner that only cost 2,4€ each :P. It was just pasta with zucchini, eggplant and creme fraiche. Even though it sounds kinda lame it was VERY YUMMY!
Like i so often say when i am cooking:
If there is something i've learnt from Jamie Oliver it's that you can come a long way with olive oil, lemon and salt!

We then went home to my house, sat in my window and talked a bunch. The "watching a movie" part of the night kinda failed seeing as Moa fell asleep 2 min into the movie! I on the other hand was really hyper and kept on watching. But then i realized that sleeping in our clothes, with all out make up on, maybe wasn't the best idea. So i woke the poor thing up and then eventually (at like 2, ooh such rebels) we went to bed.


God i really dont have anything interesting to write
I'm so sorry.
I just cleaned my room?
And ate a banana.
yeah... that'll do

Love your faces
BAI <3

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