Monday, November 14, 2011

Aw shit... literally shit


After school today i went for a run, specifically a run around Fort Mont Valérian. It's not that far from my house but because i'm lazy i usually take the bus one station just to get there ;).

I decided to go out running a bit late, so it was like 19:30 when i actually got my ass out of the house. Or my face away from the computer. I was just watching the Hunger Games trailer over and over and over and over again anyway...

I didn't think about the fact that at 19:30, its pretty freaking dark out, and 90% of the track around Mont Valérian isn't lit up. I wasn't running fast because i wanted a good workout. I was running fast because i have been watching waaaaaaaay to much Supernatural to not be freaked out by every little noise/shadow that i came across.
Most people are scared of rapists or druggies at night.
I'm scared of demons and vengeful spirits. NOT.EVEN.JOKING

I'm the master of long "intros", the point i was going to make is:
People in Paris dont usually pick up after their dogs. After a while though, you start to get a sixth sense for this. I can seriously be reading and walking at the same time, then SENSE that there is poop on the ground, look away from my book for a brief second, step over the poop and then keep going.
BUT, if it is dark and i am out running (away from all the scary monsters that are staring at me from the bushes) then i will not notice dark brown poop on the black ground, not even my sixth sense picks that up.
Oh yes, i did actually step into a pile of dog shit. It was lovely... The only thing good that came out of this is that i swore in french without even thinking about it x).

I actually ran like 5/6 km, which is like badass awesome a lot for me because usually i only run like 3km or so. Now i ran almost 6!!! :D:D:D:D:D I ran 3km in 20 min and then i ran around the fort one more time and i swear i ran even faster the second time. OH YEAH!

This became awfully long for just being about running.
Well it was about shit as well i guess

Now its time for bed, i'm pooped (see what i did there)
Next time i'll put up the pictures from the gingerbread house competition thing that i went to this weekend. It was FUNFUNFUNFUN!

Love yo faces
BAI <3


  1. GAH ASSÅ HUNGERGAMES!!! JAG ORKAR INTE VÄNTA!!! OCH DU KOMMER INTE KUNNA SE DEN MED MIG!!!! jag får väl ta Tussen istället.. fast han är inte lika fanatiskt, så jag kommer sitta där som ett litet tard och vara FETT övertaggad och han kommer bara titta på mig och tänka typ: "vafan är de där för människa, och varför sitter jag bredvid henne i en biosalong?"

  2. Jag funderar faktiskt på att åka hem för premiären!
    Jag och mina två kompisar ska klä ut oss och vara extra nördiga! Du kan säkert följa med :D om det nu blir så att jag kan komma hem!
    23:e mars, SPIKAT!
    puss <3