Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Apparently my host brother sprained his ankle while playing basketball so right now he's at the hospital with his mom, his dad is doing god nows what and i get to warm some ready made food for dinner.
Yummy yummy!
Whoever said the french make quality dinners was seriously mistaken. They at least didn't take my family into account...

Today i had two hours of rehearsal for the BAT. The auditions are tomorrow and i'm going to sing both "Love Song" with a small band and i'm going to sing alto in "Hide and Seek" with the choir. I'm still unsure about my harmony and i dont know the lyrics. So thats going to go well :D

The judging system for the BAT seems really strange. Like, Ellie and Baptiste who are in "Love Song" with me are in the jury as well (ô.o). French/Swedish numbers are high priority so we dont even have to be that great. Karin, who is in charge of the choir, is in the jury and will be voting for us. Although she has told us that the french dont have the same "choir tradition" as us and might not understand how hard it is to sing what we are singing.
And OH MY GOD is it really hard...
So we might not make the cut.
omg that would suck! *scoff* but like, whatever... i dont even care...


I'm going to do some homework and then eat... i guess. Because trying to convince myself that i'm not hungry is really not working..

Love yo faceeess
BAI <3

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