Sunday, November 6, 2011

I dont know what to write as a title for this

Hey! (for some reason the font is different... dont ask me why)

Last day of the short vacation and i'm waiting to get to eat dinner. Idk were my parents are, if they are going to make dinner or not, or if anyone is home. I'm just so tired and dont feel like leaving my room hahaha ssooooo lazy.

I actually have something that i do want to write about!
Omg like I have something of importance to convey to YOU!

I often hear that people like and appreciate french culture. The food, the music, the whatever it is we have shoved into our brains and then meshed into a french stereotypical heaven. I do like the french "culture" or whatever that is.

Something that i dont like too much is how conservative the french culture is.
I have heard a million times since i got here how important it is for the french to preserve the "french way of life". 

I mean just their language is evidence of how conservative they are! It has hardly changed at all in hundreds of years! French students can read french literature from the 16th century and actually understand what is says. I mean just reading literature from like 100 years ago in swedish can be difficult!

But language aside. 
The one conservative thing that bothers me the most is the difference between men and women.

This is something that i came across last time i was in France as well.
It was in Lille 2010 and i was having a sports lesson with my "host sister" at the time and her class. We were playing football and they automatically made it boys against boys and girls against girls. Its was just so obvious that girls couldn't play with the boys because the boys played for real.

I mean, in sweden it usually ends up like this anyway (at least before i started at KG were everyone is really ambitious even in sports) but at least we had a choice!
After 20 seconds of playing i wanted to play with the guys. The girls only fed the stereotype that "girls cant play football", playing consisted of 10 girls constantly running after the ball and screaming and flailing around the goal.... -.-

Maybe if these girls hadn't been fed this stereotype all their life or had been treated in the same way as the guys then they wouldn't be such GIRLS (just the fact that the word "girl" can mean an annoying, cowardly, pink, frilly excuse of a person is sad in itself).

When Elise was here we made peasoup and pancakes for dinner. I asked if i could drink milk with my dinner because that is what we do in Sweden (i am aware not everyone drinks milk with their dinner but I DO OK!?).
My host dad then stated that they dont do this in France ( i was aware....). He also said men and women had different relationships with milk. Milk was apparently something that women could drink but not men? No not men, the "drink of men" was WINE.
*cough* sorry what?
i wanted to ask him what world he was living in but
1. I dont know how to (stupid french..)
2. La politesse (to be polite)
This statement just felt so outdated and ridiculous!

For the BAT (a concert thing at school) me and some other swedish girls are performing with Baptiste and his friend Ellie. Karin (the principal and extra mom for all the students at SSP ^^) told us that she thought it was fun that Sofia is playing bass because girls dont generally play instruments in Paris.
I'm sorry WHAT?
All of a sudden i felt extremely stupid standing there with four other girls, singing, while Ellie played the piano and Baptiste played the drums.
I highly doubt girls dont play instruments in France. But i guess only guys get to showcase their talents, or are encouraged to.
This pisses me off the MOST!
As a girl who plays the guitar and piano and sings i just feel like being told that girls dont "really play instruments" here is down right degrading and derogatory. What kind of society is this!? I guess its a "guy" thing to play instruments. Girls are supposed to stand there, look pretty, and sing.

Thank god i was not raised in a world like that! I was raised by parents who encouraged me to take up just as much space as any man (i feel a swenglish warning here, translated this directly from swedish haha please excuse me if that is the case!). To not act like such a "girl" (no wonder i hardly ever wear dresses) and man up. That France is still raising their daughters to believe that they aren't as important as boys is quite frankly tragic.

If i was Adrian i would end this in some awesome kind of "in Sweden there is equality between men and women and thats so great" blablabla statistics stuff that makes me seem smart.
But i cant be bothered to look that up.
All i know is Swedish girls in general are pretty awesome when it comes to "acting like men", also known as being strong and powerful individuals.
So i'm real happy to be Swedish!

Its like eight a clock now. I'm hungry and i'm going to watch some Supernatural :)
Love yo faces
BAI <3

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