Saturday, November 19, 2011

Elevensies and Florence

Second post today :P

Today i woke up to go to fnac and get concert tickets, not just any tickets, FLORENCE & THE MACHINE TICKETS!
This does make me feel a little bit better about missing out on the 30STM concert...
While waiting for Moa to show up i had elevensies (dont know about the spelling, LOTRs fans?)
If you are ever in France, buy this yoghurt, seriously, DO IT! They come in different flavors and they are crazy yummy. Then ofc some chocolate :). My P.E teacher made a big mistake when she told a class of almost only girls that dark chocolate is very good for you and that you should eat some every day. I will take that as an invitation to shove craploads of chocolate down my mouth thank you. Healthy November month is going great as i you can tell!

I read a bit in my french book, then Moa came.
ASDFGHJKL *FANGIRLSCREAMING* I seriously felt ill when i got the tickets in my hands, i was so happy. My life feels complete. I'm gonna go see Florence & the Machine LIVE! Someone pinch me...

While on the subject of fangirl screaming, a bunch of swedes went and saw Breaking Dawn yesterday.
It's embarrassing to admit but i was a total twi-hard back in the day... Oh yes. I was all team Edward, reading the books over and over again.
I have now realized how shitty these books/movies really are. Like REALLY shitty. So i didn't feel like going with a bunch of people who actually like the series. I'd rather go with people who dislike Twilight as much as myself and then heckle for two hours straight :).
I still remember seeing Twilight at the New Moon premier with my dear friend Elise and she screamed out "MAN WEAVE" when Taylor Lautner came into view. HILARIOUS
I'm still sad about the fact that we didn't scream out mermaid when Bella did the whole "I know what you are" "say it, out loud"... "A MERMAID!!!" (watch Nigahiga twilight thing to get the joke ^^).

I AM going to go see the movie, probably in theaters. It just feels like, i dunno, i did "embark on this journey" so now i damn well have to finish it. I can go with my mom during christmas holiday :P

Now i need to study some math.
Love yo faces
BAI <3

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