Friday, September 30, 2011

Metro-men, Dance, Candy, Pictures, Choir, Theatre and more

Hey guys whats up?
oh how i dislike Hollister... Damn them for making awesome jeans
Just realized i'm wearing my Hollister jeans now.
Now i feel bad.

I'm sorry for not updating as much as i said i would (semi-daily my ass). But my reason is that i've got a life (laugh all you want ITS TRUE... lr?)
I have to tell you something... I'm actually quite a statistics whore. YES I SAID IT.
This means that i check my statistics all the time and freak out when i've only had like 9 views in one day. Oh the horror.

But for once i'm not writing anything in the middle of the night! Or right before the sun goes up.
You surely wont miss the amazing grammar and spelling I have at those times of day.

I'll start this off with saying that my friend Thea is just as amazing as she is beautiful. This tuesday she was on the metro at 1 in the morning, kind of drunk. (She doesn't have school on wednesdays, she is not some crazy party person... just to clear the air).
She sees this guy sitting a few seats infront of her. They make eye contact a few times so she musters up some courage (being sick of the boring swedish ways of never making any contact with anyone), she rips out a piece of her social studies book and writes:
"Tu es beau" - meaning, you are "beautiful" or hot or handsome or whatever.
She also wrote her name, so he added her on FB x)
So their love story begins. Isn't that just the coolest thing?
Oh and yes we googled him.
haha what else is there for girls to do?

In a few hours im going to go take my first dance class!!! The lesson will be my audition into the group and i'm so fucking nervous its not even ok! I always get like this and it CANT be healthy...
I'm probably getting nervous over nothing. The teacher probably only wants to check that i'm not a total newbie. Still feel like dying though.

So yesterday (or the day before that, i've been so lost with the days this week). I got two letters!
The first one was from Elise and had a bunch of swedish chocolate in it.
The second one was a letter form my mami with some new pictures for my wall and a letter just telling me about normal home stuff. I always get so emotional when i read her letters, because everything she describes is my life! My life that still exists in Sweden. :'(

So I go to take Choir B here in France and today we had our first "show" for  some teachers from the swedish schools in Madrid, London, Paris and som school in Lund and Halmstad. They were having a conference of some sort. So we did our thing (it was much appreciated) and then went to Parc Monceau to do some homework. I was "boring" and actually did my homework.. Just because no one else there had Fysics homework!

Yesterday, I joined the Swedish church theatre group. OK dont freak out. It's not some kind of freaky religous voodoo thing.
calme yo tits, its just normal theatre.
We are putting up a play, but not just any play, we are putting up Dogville :D
Lars von Triers movie, the one with Nicole Kidman and Stellan Skarsgård?
Anyway, it sounds awesome and we will get to know who we are going to play in two weeks.
I dont really have any preferences for what/who i'm going to play. I dont really know the guy who decides everything, he hasn't seen me act so i doubt that i'll get a big part.
All i ask is that he doesn't make me the mentally retarded girl who just sits and looks strange the entire play.
That wouldn't be very fun now would it....

Thats all for now i think. I'm going to eat one of my Kex Choklads now and change into Ballet gear :P

Love yo face
BAI <3

Monday, September 26, 2011

5:30 - 23:35 The longest blogpost ever!

(Just so you know, this post was written first halfway through at 6 in the morning, the other half was written 22:50 at night. Thats just how i roll)

I've noticed this weird obsession with waking up early as hell. I have no clue why i do this.
(Sometimes its the light outside my window that does it). Now I had just been a smartass and put my alarm on at this really ridiculous time!?

But anyway, i feel like i should tell you guys what i did this weekend that now has led to me sitting here with a nose that wont stop running, pounding head, and massive amounts of undone homework on my desk.

I literally cant remember what i did Friday. But NO i dont mean it in the way, i KNOW what YOU (yes you... you who are sitting there reading my blogpost right now) are thinking...
YOU are wrong!

Ok i just remembered. I wrote that weird semi-depressing blogpost from "my french balcony".
Earlier that evening we had had a french/swedish party at Médéric. It was mostly for getting to know everyone and for feeding the frenchies some swedish food ^^.

I just have to mention that my mentor group (except for my brother and his friend Juliette) are like the most boring people ever -.-. They seriously thought the cake-making-competition was the coolest thing ever.
Dear geebus...

When the "party" had started to draw to a close some people a.k.a Thea, Moa, Klara, Elvira, Viktor and I went to Theas place in Montmartre just to hang out. We had some deep conversations over kinder maxi, awesome french chocolate cookies that you can by at Carrfour for 0.90 (:D) and some eeh... wine (a) bcus this is Paris K?
It was really nice, i'm a sucker for deep conversations about life and shit like that. Its like the best thing i know. If i could lay under the stars and talk about everything absurd thats on my mind, all my strange and grand plans for my future, or just what my favorite food is and why this food is awesome thats fine too (i can always talk about food) that would be the best thing ever.

I woke up at maybe 11:00, had breakfast at 12:00, had lunch at 14:00. I LOVE SATURDAYS
I knew i had plans for the evening so i read 20 pages of my french book (i really have to read 40 pages but i'm so easily distracted i just didn't have time for that). Now you (i'm not shitting you i just spelt you: ju, its 6 in the morning ok, but i just had to tell you) may ask, "how could i not read 40 pages in the 5 hours that i had before i had to leave?"
My answer is Supernatural.
I'm pretty sure i have written about this series on my blog before. I watched aprox 4 episodes that day. That is why i didn't have time to read those extra 20 pages.... heh..

At 20:00 i met up with Elvira at Pontan (Point de Neuilly), its kinda a sport to come up with swedish slang for places. That is why i eat at HUBERT (say this with the most swedish accent you can muster up) every wednesday and thursday :P.
We had sushi at planet sushi. This was the most spaced out sushi place i had ever been to O.O. The sushi was really overpriced but god damn it was the best sushi i had ever had! I miss the sushi at Zinken that is only 100kr, here i had to pay 170 for 14 pieces .... But i mean, the place was decorated in fluorescent pink cherryblossoms! Thats gotta be worth something!?

The plan for the night was to meet up with some people that we had met the weekend before. Lori, Abdel and Tao :). Three totally awesome guys. So we met up with Lori and Abdel and then walked to the theatre were Lori works. It was pretty small but it would still be like a dream for me to ever get to perform at a place like that. So we sat on the stage and drank champagne for a little while. Apparently there were awkward silences but because my motto is:
"det är bara stelt om man själv tycker att det är stelt"
ergo, i didn't think it was awkward bcus i didn't care/think about it.
We later went out on the town and didn't get back to Theas place until 4 in the morning if i remember correctly.

Thea lives in one of those really really small rooms in Montmartre. Anyone who has been to Paris has seen the tiny windows sticking out from the roofs of every single building. Well, in some cases those are old "maids courters". So its mainly just a small room with a bed, a sink, shelves for clothes and a small window.
Even if it is small its absolutely lovely, right up until we all had to go to bed. Klara, Thea and I slept in Theas bed, Elvira and Moa slept on a mattress on the floor. First half of the night I couldn't stretch my legs because the bed was too short and Klara was sleeping on them the other half of the night. Alas, i had no fucking blood in my legs when i woke up and my head was pounding, nose running, throat aching. Thea, was sick. Being the lovely person that she is she gave that sickness to me some time during the night.
Thank you <3

god you really dont have to read anymore, i know you must be tired!

After i woke up Sunday morning, me and Thea went to Médéric again because we had choir class.
OMG i dont know how many of my old classmates actually read my annoying blog but guys, i miss you so much. Lets just leave it at that shall we?
(People sink like rocks in low-viscosity water and we are seriously wearing glittery tophats and dancing while singing Champs Elysées...)
Its fun and all but i stood there missing strikt concert clothing and redonculously hard (but beautiful) music to sing.

The one good thing was that we get fika afterwards. A really good cup of coffee can save my day any day <3.

It is now Monday, I haz shit to tell you guys about today. But i'll write that tomorrow x)

Love yo faces

Saturday, September 24, 2011

0:50 still midnight in Paris

Some thoughts ten to one in a dark room in Paris.

I wish i could tell you that i was sitting on the floor infront of my french balcony looking down over Montmartre, the dull sound of a few cars blending in with the night sounds of Paris, only a few stars visible up above. An empty wine bottle at my feet and the shrill sounds of my friends laughter still strong in my memory. Paris doesn't sleep, it just lives with the motto that if you keep drinking you wont wake up hung over. 

Paris sits by the Seine, drinking wine, smoking and talking deep thoughts while quoting Voltaire.

You might be wondering were i am, too bad i wont tell you. Just imagine i'm sitting where i told you, some parts of it is true.

Today, i have been living with my family for three weeks. Soon almost four weeks of Paris.
Its impossible to describe what all this is like, mostly because none of us here can comprehend anything of what is really happening.
It's lonely here, even in a room full of people that are in the same situation as yourself its lonely.
I'm losing myself more and more, sometimes i forget what parts of me i'm trying to perserve. I adapt so easily, i lose myself too easily.
I dont know what to say, 
It's amazing here? 
I'm having the time of my life? 
This was the write choice?
I love Paris, if i was in year three i probably would have stayed.

But i'm coming home. There is no use missing Sweden because sooner than i know it i'll be back and I might not ever move back to Paris. I'll be sitting in my room in Enskede, missing everything that is here, everything that i'm now starting to take for grantid.

My head is pounding, too much wine? Just tired.
Some thoughts
Closing my window, going to bed. Turning off the light.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Så inskränkt, så korrekt, jävla socialist - hur man spenderar en håltimma i Paris

Detta inlägg blir på svenska just för att de dikter + videos jag tänker lägga upp är på svenska. Skulle kännas lite väl krystat att blanda svenskan och engelskan så vilt!

Idag hade jag håltimma med Elvira och Klara. Vi vandrade bort till ett café och satte oss, inte ännu visste vi vad för fantastiska saker vi skulle skapa tillsammans. En espresso, varm choklad och croissant senare så frågar Elvira efter mitt Fransk/Svenska lexicon. Hon tar fram papper och penna och säger att vi ska skriva dikter (yes this is tots fo sho how it happened..... ok jag kmr inte ihåg detaljerna men nu får det blir såhär!). This is how we do

Först så fokuserar man och leker svart och svår à la Moa Kemi
1. Någon bläddrar hastigt i lexikonet och öppnar en random sida, det första ordet som de ser säger de högt.
2. Någon annan skriver då detta ord på ett papper och påbörjar dikten
3. Man fortsätter att rabbla random ord och bildar sedan dikter utav detta

Väldigt enkelt, och ibland väldigt lyckat!
Jag var bara tvungen att spela in det :) Så här kmr tre klipp men fyra dikter (har inte texten på en, och filmade inte nummer 1.) Vi turades alla om med att slå upp ord och skriva ;).

Lite svårt att höra ibland pga av annat ljud och den fina bakgrundsmusiken :P.
Här får ni texterna:

Det är du min kära.
Så plötsligt
Det är du min kära
Du kan mig ignorera
Det må va skadligt
Men det är du.
Min kära
Du är som ett
Runt hela min värld
Men igen
Det är du
Min kära

Jag saknar stormen
som du är
som en vissla
och korven
jämnar mig vid
du påverkar mig
som nypon
på Bulgariskt papper
du är en okänd hotellpojke
en ansluten
i en skogsdunge
jag rodnar
som ursprungligt brännvin
den sjuttonde
gjorde bordet
i ditt världshav.

När jag är
Helt själv
Förorda mig icke
Mitt utvidgande
* * *
Men ack
Så inskränkt
Så korrekt
Din jävla socialist
Jag är din fullblods
vän, din dadel
Murgrönan växer
Som din importör
Vill vara din underlagskräm
En tvättäkta kompanion
Vill vara del av
Din cirkulation
Men jag är

Den jag inte har texten på <3

Love yo faces
BAI <3

Monday, September 19, 2011

4 hour long lunch, still comes late to class.

My mondays are always really strange... It didn't help that i'd gotten 8 hours of sleep combined this weekend.
I wake up at six and My face is slammed onto my pillow, eyelids weighing in at 100kg, my hair a freaking mess, everything is lovely. I get up 30min too late, walk around half sleeping, have some breakfast, get some clothes on. You know, normal morning stuff. Then all off a sudden i get a rapid knock om my door and Corinne says something incoherent in french about me getting a ride to La Défense. This is when i realize that i'm just a tad bit late. So i run out of my room, still quite confused about the entire situation. Run to the car (Baptiste was there too, he is always late ^^) and we drive off at a speed that i'm pretty sure isn't legal in any country.

So anywho, fast forward, we got on time to school only for me to realize that i have a math test! :D
My brain is absolut mush, i answered half of the questions the rest i just answered with sombreros (plz someone get that reference) or divided everything by zero and drew little numbers flying into the black whole of dooom screaming for help.... (i wish i had done this on my test but because i dont want my teacher to think i'm crazy this ended up on another paper).

After math i had my usual monday 4 hour lunch. So i went to STARBUCKS yaaay stealing my money and serving me semi caffinated coffee! But seriously, its the only place in France were you can buy coffee and it wont come to you in a small cup filled 75% with milk/cream...
Had 2 more hours of math, but this time without a crappy teacher and with 30STM or MCR blasting in my ears to drown out the sound of La Defense ;).
I actually came late to my french class.... Thats how much i suck. NO, what sucked more was that i ran like a madman thinking they would have closed the gate on my ass. Get there, see the open gate, panting and red i mutter swedish swearwords and ignore the frenchies staring at me.
Two hours of french later i get to go home. Good day my friends.... good day

I knew that there was a point with this blogpost when i started it, but the thing is i had dinner in the midst of everything so now i have forgotten. I hope this was a little bit of an enjoyable read, i mean i try ;) <3

Love yo faces!
BAI <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amazing tumblr blog!

So instead of doing my homework i'm roaming tumblr and i found this blog. It is absolutely amazing.
Its this guys who is in his sophomore year of collage, really funny and would be totally normal if it wasn't for the fact that he has a disease called Spinal Muscular Strophe that will eventually kill him.
His blog is such an inspiration because even if he doesn't have long to live he is just happy and witty and wonderful 99.9% of the time.
Just read his first post and then decide if you want to read it. If you like it, read the post "Fun on the short bus" it is hilarious :).

Realized i hadn't actually posted the link to his blog... fail
Laughing at my nightmare

Ok actual hw time...
Love yo face
BAI <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today i didn't go to school. Maybe i should mark this day in my calendar or something: My first sick day!
If i know anything about myself i'm sure it'll soon be one among many sick days...

It started yesterday evening before dinner when i was doing my chem homework. I was sitting there writing and realized that my hand was really tense and spazzy. It wasn't just my hand it was my enitre body that was shaking. I started feeling all dizzy and nauseous. It was so creepy!
I couldn't sleep untill maybe 3:00 because i was feeling so strange. Woke up at 6:00 with churning pains in my stomach. I seriously couldn't move it hurt so bad. Wasn't untill maybe 10 or so that i could get up and take some alvedon.
Felt better after lunch and now i'm fine so thats a relief!

Only thing is that now a bunch of people are asking me if i want to go out tonight... I feel like my family would think i was faking or something if i decided to go out the same day i was home sick. Honestly though i dont feel up to it anyway. I might not be in pain anymore but i'm dead tired!

So instead i'm going to sit at home, do math hw (because i'm already a week behind! yay me) and french grammer. Oh dear jesus this week we had a two hour long french class with ONLY french grammer. My head nearly exploded...
So now back to doing my homework:
Love yo face

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First FFK at La Défense

Today at 10:15 everyone met at the stairs under the Grande Arche in La Défense. Most people on time, me not being one of them even though i live 15 minutes from La Défense... *cough*

While boiling on the white stairs everyone huddled closer to try and hear Britt-Maries very faint voice as she informed us about what we were going to do. We were divided into groups and set off to tour around La Défense. For being quite old, Britt-Marie powerwalks like a champ! I stop to take a picture and all of sudden the rest of the group has advanced a km...

This stressing me out i manage to drop the lens protection thing for my camera. What do you think happens? No really WHAT do you think happens -.- the thing rolls on its side and then perfectly fits itself between the gaps of the "floor" of the square. Worst part is that this has happened before, only then it was near a waterfall in Yosemite. Lens cover falls off into the stream and disappears forever...

But anywho, even if i did lose the lens cover i got some nice pictures of La Defense :).

Afterwards i went home to Elvira for some fika! GOD I MISS FIKA SO MUCH! My family doesn't drink proper coffee, they only have nesscafé or whatever and it tastes so bad :'(.
But now we had fika infront of Elviras beautiful window and french balcony :D had some coffee, ice tea, muffins and chocolate :) what else does a girl need?
Btw i'm in love with the appartement that she lives in, so BIG and beautiful :') i want to live like that (but wont ever afford it).

Pics from today:

These are just a few among 500 others :P
Love yo faces, I'll write again tomorrow
BAI <3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just because you live in Paris doesn't mean math will stop sucking.

I have homework... LOTS of it.
I dont think i ever had this much to do all of last year and Kungsholmen was supposed to be a tough school...

But anyways, whenever i get tired of doing fysics or chem or math or whatever i just grab my sketchbook and draw a little. Until I decide to draw a couple behind an umbrella and the umbrella just wont look right. It turnes out contorted and awful, too small or too big. The basterd wont look like a bleeding umbrella!!?
WHY IS THIS SO HARD!? Its an umbrella... Most 6 year olds can draw this successfully, but no not me. Because i'm a failure. (not rly but damn that umbrella really got to me)

Today after school instead of studying i went to Le Marais with some people to buy the best falafel in town. To bad we didn't actually go and get the best falafel, we just got falafel from one of the other 100 falafel restaurants in Le Marais.
Something that i didn't know was that this is were all the jewish people in Paris come to live :o. I saw THE CUTEST JEWISH MAN at the falafel restaurant. He looked like someone had grabbed him right out of "a fiddler on the roof". Tots fo sho amazing! He had the big black hat, the gray beard, the clothes, a cane ! It was just wonderful :D

Only i would get super excited about that seriously...

Moa och Klara with some falafel
Vintage store in Le Marais, found loads of cute stuff but i'm saving my cash :/
Love yo faces, Gonna go sleep now!
BAI <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You thought Americans were fatties...


So here i am. In my room. Eating my fifth piece of baguette with cream cheese...
I am seriously going to be a walrus when i come home to sweden again. Croissants, Pain au chocolates, yummy bread in general is just too cheap and too easy to find!
At least im not alone in this, practically everyone i know is buying cookies to store in their rooms. It's like we all have this contagious sugar craving or something!

My schedule on Tuesdays blows. I start at eight and have french.
French first lesson at eight = me sleeping
I seriously thought the boy in the book had broken his pig and was now off to buy prostitutes.
THAT tired.

After that i have an hour long break
Then its time for fysics in the weird loft classroom o.O its creepy up there and you cant open any windows... nuf said.

Then another break. But here i get to go to Méderic and eat lovely swedish lunch.
Lunch ends at two.

Next up is Swedish B back at St Do. This would be fine if it wasn't for my grudge against swedish classes. My teacher is apparently attractive as well but i dont see it -.-

Now i'm home alone, eating my way through bordom and seeing as i dont have any hw for tomorrow i dont have hw ;).

I wish....

Love yo faces, I'll write again soon
BAI <3

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tumblr update

Nothing to say so here is a quote, some art, and something that makes me drool


If i could only eat these for the rest of my life i would be ok with that

Love yo face
BAI <3

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nothing special

God i'm so bored.

Today there was supposed to be a big picnic in Bois du Boulogne with the swedes and frenchies but because it just wont stop raining here in Paris it was posponed to next sunday. So me and Baptiste have been sitting in separate rooms doing kinda the same thing:

Oh and i've watched the hell out of Supernatural.
(Supernatural > Food , thats big for me okey)

Yeah, Paris life isn't nearly as exciting as you would think. Read the post before this one, its much more interesting. This is just to show i'm alive.

Love yo faces, hope your life is a lot more lively than mine right now!
I'll write again soon (hopefully something worth while)
BAI <3

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out and about

This week Thea in my class turned 18, so Thea, Moa, Klara, Elvira and I decided we should celebrate! So we went to dinner at this really amazing restaurant called Del Papa, the pasta there was crazy good!
After an awesome dinner we decided to find a café which isn't really hard in Paris. Though something that is hard to find is a café that doesn't sell coffee for 9,50...Seeing as Thea lives in Montmartre we took the train there and found a beautiful little café a bit up on the hill to Sacre Coeur and it was so nice!

Most places in the world have stereotypes right? Like if someone says "New York" you immediately think of times square or some sex and the city type view of the city. If someone says Paris, you probably think of small cafés, people sitting with a glass of wine and a cigarette talking smooth french in a warm yellow glow. A man standing not to far away playing the accordion. In the distance the flickering lights of Paris softly melting into the night sky. It seems to perfect yes? The thing is this was my reality last night. It was so perfect i hardly believed it myself!

Anyway sorry for not uploading anything yesterday, i kinda came home at one :P

Here are a few pics

Födelsedags"barnet" Thea

Shitty phone pics! This was my view
Took a walk up to Sacre Coeur later on an met some more swedes :D
So thats that, Baptiste is going to La Defense and Corinne is driving him so i get the house to myself:
Love yo face, I'll write again soon <3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Semi-daily blogin + me being stupid

So i realized that i practically already update this blog every day so why not just go out and say that its now a (semi) daily blog :).

Seeing as i'm not all awesome with words as my friend Adrian I feel like my blog post just dont "last" as long as his does. Therefore i feel obligated to update it almost every day!

I just have to talk about Chemistry a little bit okey? After this rant i'll tell you something stupid and funny i did, so just get through this :P.
I dont want to blabber on about homework too much on the blog because i know that we all have it, it's nothing new, and i'm not special in any way for hating it!

Though this has got to be said: I now have the biggest grudge ever against my old Chem teacher (who my old class still has).

I got my first Chem homework maybe two days ago. Forgot it, remembered it, opened the book, started reading and realized that I.Understood.NOTHING. I could hardly do any calculations, everything was just a blurr! All of last year i had survived on what i had learnt in year 9 but now with Chem B everything is new (except for the basic stuff that we should have learnt in Chem A but didn't because we had a crap teacher and crap system). I am just SO FRUSTRATED! Not okey, its just NOT OKEY! CAPS LOCK RAGE-IN MAD!!!

To quote my brother "Blargl-Flargl..." *flailing with arms*

So yes thats what i've been doing since i came home today.. Math hw and desperately trying to understand my Chem hw. I'm not doing my Physics hw... Why you ask? Because i dont have a book. There wasn't one left for me when they were handing them out. So unloved :'(. I felt like batman in the line for superpowers....

should have ended this blogpost here but i just have to add that funny thing that i promised!

So in Sweden if the train stops at the last stop, the driver TELLS YOU to get off. Or someone else does (i usually do this to sleeping people because i'm a decent person!). In Paris things work differently... People will just look at you, think "that bitch be screwed" and merrily hopp off the train.
So there I am, listening to my ipod, reading a book. I look up and notice that i'm the only stupid mo-fo left on the train O.O. Naturally i panic and starting pacing back and forth on the train not knowing what to do chanting "shitshitshitshit". At last the train stops in the middle of a tunnel and the doors open. Ofc being a stupid mo-fo i get out thinking i can just walk away. The driver then yells at me in french and tells me to get back in the train. Sheepishly i walk back to my seat. After maybe a minute the train starts towards La Dèfense again and when it stops at the station i hurry out of the doors avoiding any eyecontact with the confused people thinking i must be some crazy blonde person living in the subway tunnels of paris.

So thats that! I love yo faces and i'll write again soon!
BAI <3

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm not a total loser anymore

Today, it's been exactly one week since i met everyone in my new class and i have to admit that they dont all suck. Seeing as some people from my class actually read my blog now (or at least i think they do...) i cant talk about anyone on the blog anymore *tears*

So yeah, i'm not that weird tall chick who doesn't have any friends anymore :)

I was going to do my math homework today, but then i didn't... Story of my life.

After school today i went to Starbucks with Simon from my class! AT FREAKING LAST! I've been very disappointed with the lack of Starbucks in Paris. So far i've found two. One in La Défense, one near Saint-Germain de Près. One is opening soon near L'arc de Triomphe, but thats it! So me and Simon went to La Défense and had some Starbucks coffee *dies* soo good!!!
venti ofc, what else?

At 17:00 i had a meeting with my mentor group at a really cute café near Saint Germain de Près :). I was actually thinking about not going, because i'm a lazy basterd but i lifted my fatter-by-the-pain-au-chocolate ass and got on the train to Odian. I met up with seven other people in my mentor group + a teacher, had some hot chocolate, a macarone and started blabbering on about our time so far in France.

I wasn't really expecting anything when i arrived at the "meeting" but it was fantastic! It was totally ok to just vent all the frustration that had been building up inside of me for an entire week. The hoplessness of never being able to make myself understood, any small (or big) issue with the family, keeping my identity/personality when speaking another language. It helped so much and I realized i wasn't alone in getting nervous breakdowns at the dinner table when i for the 500th time couldn't understand what my family was asking me! Or missing Sweden, or just about anything! 
We are all in the same boat, and it was nice to be reminded of that :).
Here is what i ate/drank and omg i dont even want to know the amount of calories i consumed...
I actually didn't drink much of this, it was just too much. But it makes a good picture :)

Everyone talking and drinking their giant hot chocolates

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coolest person ever

I'm soon going to go to bed (and watch Misfits)
But i'll leave you all with this photo that made my day :)

CSI en francais is retarded

Sup dude, sup? (my first txt ever to my french brother)

Today was my first real school day meaning i had real lessons unt stuff.
I had French, Fysics and Swedish.

In French class we didn't do much, i think all i got out of that hour was that my french teachers name is Annika. I'm pretty sure i spaced off after 5 min and started fantasizing about going back to bed mmmm....

Fysics was actually pretty awesome (i'm visualizing all the Social Studies nerds wincing at the thought). We had class outside because there wasn't a classroom available. We are 10 people or so in Fysics A and my teacher ROCKS. He's really cool, super smart and explanes stuff like a boss. So excited for Chem with him tomorrow!

After this i had lunch. I had lunch at École Suedois so i had to take the metro and walk and do stuff that lazy people like myself kinda hate... You know... Move.
The food was good, had some pytt i panna :D YAY swedish food!!!

Swedish B was okey, i mean i kinda hate swedish. It's just never really been my thing. Then last year i got an MVG in Swedish A and all of a sudden i feel obligated to actually be good at Swedish. Only time an MVG has made me feel bad. Swedish teacher = cool... I dunno, he's from Lund.

Ok, the header (CSI thing). I've been watching CSI with Bappi and i seriously dont get anything, mainly because everyone speaks french. Duh.
But i mean its just retarded because they all sound so polite o.o
I'ts like when i saw a homeless man yesterday kick a box and yell something in french

I've started to decorate my room a little bit with the few things i have. Something that i do have is a bunch of pictures of the former N1A :D.
I get three new pictures every week!
You dont have to understand, all you have to know is that Adrian is the coolest person ever.

nuff said.


Going to watch some more CSI now.... YAY training up some french skillz!
Love yo face, I'll write again soon
BAI <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

I should be sleeping

So yeah.. whats up?


I start school tomorrow.
Like how stupid was i to look forward to this?

"Um yeah i'm tired of summer vacation i want school"

Past me was such a retard.

But yeah i start at eight and i have french. Just so you all know my schedule is absolut f*ck sh*t balls crappy. Like i start eight almost everyday and ending at four is normal...

Oh and i'm bleeding D:
I bought a new razor today (Venus embraaaaace)! Right afterwords i was like 
"aaaahhh so soft ima be a GODESS" Jumpin around the bathroom in my short shorts.
*walkedy walk into my room*
I sit down and realize that my legs are bleeding out of small little holes....
Here's the thing i havn't had a new razor in like.... Ever, so wasn't that careful heh

...So now i'm a teenage mutant bleeding (turtle). 
Yes I like to pretend im a superhero/villain of some sort

TODAY we visited St Dominique and some frenchies showed us the school and oh sweet Buddah am i going to get lost o.o the place is huge and holds like 2000 students! But its beautiful, some places seriously look like Hogwarts! I'm going to have to be weird tomorrow and take some pictures :).

Here's a tumblr picture that really "spoke to me" 
*arf arf arf* (this is my brittish laugh, yes be impressed) i'm so posh with my posh language.
"the only one's in my heart" (plural <3)
I miss everyone single one of my beautiful friends but just know i'm having the time of my life so far and i'll see you all soon <3 puss

Love you face, I'll write again soon
(i realize know that this was pretty pointless but hopefully tomorrow, after a super happy fun time day at school i'll have more to write ^^)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just another day in Paris

So yet another day in Paris has passed and here comes yet another blog post filled with apparently awful grammer (soz ms grammer-nazi Elise).

I'm constantly waiting for the shock of moving to Paris to wash over me. Yet i'm still sitting here just kind of hanging on for the ride. I sit and talk during dinners, i comment nicely when out sight seeing with the parents, i sit quietly and concentrate on understanding the news. I dont ever really stop and think that shit... I'm in Paris... I'm standing infront of the fridgin Eiffel Tower, how can this already feel so "everyday"???

Ok so stuff i'm actually freaking out about:

1. Finding my way to the bus, and then to the train, getting on the right train, and sitting in the right part of the train, going up the right stairs, turning onto the right streets and then actually finding the school (or wherever)

I mean i can hardly find my way to the boulangerie... So yes i'm screwed, very much so actually.

P.S i fixed the comments thing so now you dont need a google account or anything to comment, so yeah plz comment so that i feel loved ;) <3

Love you face, i'll write again soon

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Le Week-end!

I dont even know where to start! So much has happened since i last updated the blog! Lets just start from tuesday!

Me and my dad did some last minute sight seeing such as Sacre Couer but because i'm a stupid dumbfuck i didn't thing about the fact that its a church (-.-) So i wore the SHORTEST SHORTS I OWN and so yeah... they didn't really let me in.. Catholic basterds. But i got to sit outside and enjoy the wonderful view! :D
View from Sacre Coeur :)
Later that night my dad and I when to meet my family. I was seriously shitting myself on the way to Nanterre. Like i was so nervous i cant possibly explain! But when we got there they were all really nice and showed us their house (its super cosy :D) and then we ate som pie and talked a bunch. We stayed until 12 and before we left we drove up to a looking point of some sort and you could see so much of Paris from there! Right when we were there the Eiffel Tower lit up and sparkled! I got all giddy and happy and Baptiste (mah brothah) was like "mjeh", stupid frenchie...
Shitty Mobile phone pic in the dark but you can see the Eiffel Tower glitter :)
This was the "first day" for most swedes. Everyone met at L'école suedoise in Paris and then hopped on a bus that took us all to the middle of nowhere, and i mean THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. The nearest town had more cows than people, it was bad. The house itself was absolutely stunning! It was this large stone house with blue doors and shutters and a bunch of ivy on the walls. The view from the house was also absolutely stunning. The place was seriously enormes, it had large grass fields, a swimming pool, a barn and an apple orchard. Not too shabby

So we stayed there Wednesday - Friday. It was pretty nice, but i did have a hard time making friends. I spent a lot of time standing alone not really knowing what to do because there was no one there who would want to talkt to me... It was really strange... and kinda sad. I often felt like a total loser. Like i'd somehow been sent back 5 years and i was geeky weird me with no friends. Dont give me the pitty look yet ok!? I did eventually find some people who were nice. But i've never had to struggle like that before.

This is today. Or yesterday if you go by the fact that its past twelve (this will also explain my probably awful language, i'm dead tired). Almost all of the swedes met their family today for the first time. After coming back from Eclat Vert (the camp thing) we all stayed at l'école suedoise and waited for our families to come get us. Everyone was practically pissing themselves, feeling each others pulses and crazidly shoving grapes into their mouth with blank looks on their face. One after one left with their family and after maybe half had gone Baptiste (frenchie brother) and Corinne (frenchie mom) came and got me :). I have to admit i felt a sudden cold surge in my stomach the second i saw them. Even though i'd met them before it was still scary!

My Family
Now i can give you some more info on who the people in my family actually are :)

The Dad is really nice! He is super fun and really kind, he constantly reminds me to feel at home and do kinda whatever i want and eat whatever i want (im gonna be so fat cus he is always shoving food in my face! Time to start dancing off those kilos :P). He reminds me so much of my dad its crazy :P It's kinda like he's here with me :')

The Mom is really calm, she kinda holds back the dad :). Super, super friendly and speaks like no english. (the dad is pretty ok but still very bad :P). Totally cute and just such a typical mother.

The Brother is like idontevenwhycanthe'sjustsoidontitslikegah!!! He's the coolest person ever seriously.

1:st. He plays Chopin LIKE A BOSS. (just the fact that we both LOVE Chopin made me so happy)
2:e He plays jazz piano, me so jelly its not even funny
3:rd He plays the drums... BAMF
4:th He writes and produces his own psychedelic/electronic music. I know it sounds strange but one of his songs that had a creepy musical kind of feel was absolutely brilliant!
He's just one of those people that has music in him and shows it in every way possible, you see/feel it in every instrument that he plays!
GAH i'm so jealous of him!!! I wish i was HALF as awesome...

So yeah thats my family! Right now its like 1 am and i'm so tired i hardly know what i'm writing anymore. I wish i could give you guys mor info but im too tired and this post is long enough as it is!

I'm now going to read my friend Adrians first of many letters. SO EXCITED

Bisous! or whatevs ppl say here
BAI! <3