Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You thought Americans were fatties...


So here i am. In my room. Eating my fifth piece of baguette with cream cheese...
I am seriously going to be a walrus when i come home to sweden again. Croissants, Pain au chocolates, yummy bread in general is just too cheap and too easy to find!
At least im not alone in this, practically everyone i know is buying cookies to store in their rooms. It's like we all have this contagious sugar craving or something!

My schedule on Tuesdays blows. I start at eight and have french.
French first lesson at eight = me sleeping
I seriously thought the boy in the book had broken his pig and was now off to buy prostitutes.
THAT tired.

After that i have an hour long break
Then its time for fysics in the weird loft classroom o.O its creepy up there and you cant open any windows... nuf said.

Then another break. But here i get to go to Méderic and eat lovely swedish lunch.
Lunch ends at two.

Next up is Swedish B back at St Do. This would be fine if it wasn't for my grudge against swedish classes. My teacher is apparently attractive as well but i dont see it -.-

Now i'm home alone, eating my way through bordom and seeing as i dont have any hw for tomorrow i dont have hw ;).

I wish....

Love yo faces, I'll write again soon
BAI <3


  1. Det är okej att älska skolan. Du behöver inte skämmas!!! ;)

  2. mm jag ÄLSKAAAR verkligen skolan, det är bara så kul!

  3. Det kommer vara SÅ kul att se dig om ett år.. Fransyskan rullar fram och amerikanen är bara seniga muskler. :p

  4. mhm i'm gonna roll onto you and smother you with my fatness, then you wont be all witty will you? No, cus you will be smothered.... And i'll eat my baguette like a boss