Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm not a total loser anymore

Today, it's been exactly one week since i met everyone in my new class and i have to admit that they dont all suck. Seeing as some people from my class actually read my blog now (or at least i think they do...) i cant talk about anyone on the blog anymore *tears*

So yeah, i'm not that weird tall chick who doesn't have any friends anymore :)

I was going to do my math homework today, but then i didn't... Story of my life.

After school today i went to Starbucks with Simon from my class! AT FREAKING LAST! I've been very disappointed with the lack of Starbucks in Paris. So far i've found two. One in La Défense, one near Saint-Germain de Près. One is opening soon near L'arc de Triomphe, but thats it! So me and Simon went to La Défense and had some Starbucks coffee *dies* soo good!!!
venti ofc, what else?

At 17:00 i had a meeting with my mentor group at a really cute café near Saint Germain de Près :). I was actually thinking about not going, because i'm a lazy basterd but i lifted my fatter-by-the-pain-au-chocolate ass and got on the train to Odian. I met up with seven other people in my mentor group + a teacher, had some hot chocolate, a macarone and started blabbering on about our time so far in France.

I wasn't really expecting anything when i arrived at the "meeting" but it was fantastic! It was totally ok to just vent all the frustration that had been building up inside of me for an entire week. The hoplessness of never being able to make myself understood, any small (or big) issue with the family, keeping my identity/personality when speaking another language. It helped so much and I realized i wasn't alone in getting nervous breakdowns at the dinner table when i for the 500th time couldn't understand what my family was asking me! Or missing Sweden, or just about anything! 
We are all in the same boat, and it was nice to be reminded of that :).
Here is what i ate/drank and omg i dont even want to know the amount of calories i consumed...
I actually didn't drink much of this, it was just too much. But it makes a good picture :)

Everyone talking and drinking their giant hot chocolates


  1. Varför ska ALLA lägga upp bilder på allt gott dom äter hela tiden på internet?!?!? WHYY?!?! Jag blir så...avundsjuk... "Jag tänker inte alltid på mat, ibland tänker jag på godis också..."

  2. So you have mentor meeting in a café, AND have lessons outside...? OMGAAAWD... and hot chocolate for dessert... during school time O.o, omg im so jealoous :3 //Ayman

  3. Dock tyckte jag faktiskt inte om chokladen allt för mycket o.o den var lite för fet med all vispgrädde :P.
    Yes we have mentor time at small french cafés ^^. The lesson outside thing was just a one timer though. Now all my lessons are inside be we are almost always very small groups and thats really great! <3