Monday, September 19, 2011

4 hour long lunch, still comes late to class.

My mondays are always really strange... It didn't help that i'd gotten 8 hours of sleep combined this weekend.
I wake up at six and My face is slammed onto my pillow, eyelids weighing in at 100kg, my hair a freaking mess, everything is lovely. I get up 30min too late, walk around half sleeping, have some breakfast, get some clothes on. You know, normal morning stuff. Then all off a sudden i get a rapid knock om my door and Corinne says something incoherent in french about me getting a ride to La Défense. This is when i realize that i'm just a tad bit late. So i run out of my room, still quite confused about the entire situation. Run to the car (Baptiste was there too, he is always late ^^) and we drive off at a speed that i'm pretty sure isn't legal in any country.

So anywho, fast forward, we got on time to school only for me to realize that i have a math test! :D
My brain is absolut mush, i answered half of the questions the rest i just answered with sombreros (plz someone get that reference) or divided everything by zero and drew little numbers flying into the black whole of dooom screaming for help.... (i wish i had done this on my test but because i dont want my teacher to think i'm crazy this ended up on another paper).

After math i had my usual monday 4 hour lunch. So i went to STARBUCKS yaaay stealing my money and serving me semi caffinated coffee! But seriously, its the only place in France were you can buy coffee and it wont come to you in a small cup filled 75% with milk/cream...
Had 2 more hours of math, but this time without a crappy teacher and with 30STM or MCR blasting in my ears to drown out the sound of La Defense ;).
I actually came late to my french class.... Thats how much i suck. NO, what sucked more was that i ran like a madman thinking they would have closed the gate on my ass. Get there, see the open gate, panting and red i mutter swedish swearwords and ignore the frenchies staring at me.
Two hours of french later i get to go home. Good day my friends.... good day

I knew that there was a point with this blogpost when i started it, but the thing is i had dinner in the midst of everything so now i have forgotten. I hope this was a little bit of an enjoyable read, i mean i try ;) <3

Love yo faces!
BAI <3


  1. Love your posts, there really funny and you have a great vocabulary! Always a pleasure! ;) Kisses <3

  2. I can see you in front of me while reading this.. I miss you. :(

  3. You have no idea how much i miss you! I "see" you every time i read your letters <3 :')