Friday, September 30, 2011

Metro-men, Dance, Candy, Pictures, Choir, Theatre and more

Hey guys whats up?
oh how i dislike Hollister... Damn them for making awesome jeans
Just realized i'm wearing my Hollister jeans now.
Now i feel bad.

I'm sorry for not updating as much as i said i would (semi-daily my ass). But my reason is that i've got a life (laugh all you want ITS TRUE... lr?)
I have to tell you something... I'm actually quite a statistics whore. YES I SAID IT.
This means that i check my statistics all the time and freak out when i've only had like 9 views in one day. Oh the horror.

But for once i'm not writing anything in the middle of the night! Or right before the sun goes up.
You surely wont miss the amazing grammar and spelling I have at those times of day.

I'll start this off with saying that my friend Thea is just as amazing as she is beautiful. This tuesday she was on the metro at 1 in the morning, kind of drunk. (She doesn't have school on wednesdays, she is not some crazy party person... just to clear the air).
She sees this guy sitting a few seats infront of her. They make eye contact a few times so she musters up some courage (being sick of the boring swedish ways of never making any contact with anyone), she rips out a piece of her social studies book and writes:
"Tu es beau" - meaning, you are "beautiful" or hot or handsome or whatever.
She also wrote her name, so he added her on FB x)
So their love story begins. Isn't that just the coolest thing?
Oh and yes we googled him.
haha what else is there for girls to do?

In a few hours im going to go take my first dance class!!! The lesson will be my audition into the group and i'm so fucking nervous its not even ok! I always get like this and it CANT be healthy...
I'm probably getting nervous over nothing. The teacher probably only wants to check that i'm not a total newbie. Still feel like dying though.

So yesterday (or the day before that, i've been so lost with the days this week). I got two letters!
The first one was from Elise and had a bunch of swedish chocolate in it.
The second one was a letter form my mami with some new pictures for my wall and a letter just telling me about normal home stuff. I always get so emotional when i read her letters, because everything she describes is my life! My life that still exists in Sweden. :'(

So I go to take Choir B here in France and today we had our first "show" for  some teachers from the swedish schools in Madrid, London, Paris and som school in Lund and Halmstad. They were having a conference of some sort. So we did our thing (it was much appreciated) and then went to Parc Monceau to do some homework. I was "boring" and actually did my homework.. Just because no one else there had Fysics homework!

Yesterday, I joined the Swedish church theatre group. OK dont freak out. It's not some kind of freaky religous voodoo thing.
calme yo tits, its just normal theatre.
We are putting up a play, but not just any play, we are putting up Dogville :D
Lars von Triers movie, the one with Nicole Kidman and Stellan Skarsgård?
Anyway, it sounds awesome and we will get to know who we are going to play in two weeks.
I dont really have any preferences for what/who i'm going to play. I dont really know the guy who decides everything, he hasn't seen me act so i doubt that i'll get a big part.
All i ask is that he doesn't make me the mentally retarded girl who just sits and looks strange the entire play.
That wouldn't be very fun now would it....

Thats all for now i think. I'm going to eat one of my Kex Choklads now and change into Ballet gear :P

Love yo face
BAI <3

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