Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just because you live in Paris doesn't mean math will stop sucking.

I have homework... LOTS of it.
I dont think i ever had this much to do all of last year and Kungsholmen was supposed to be a tough school...

But anyways, whenever i get tired of doing fysics or chem or math or whatever i just grab my sketchbook and draw a little. Until I decide to draw a couple behind an umbrella and the umbrella just wont look right. It turnes out contorted and awful, too small or too big. The basterd wont look like a bleeding umbrella!!?
WHY IS THIS SO HARD!? Its an umbrella... Most 6 year olds can draw this successfully, but no not me. Because i'm a failure. (not rly but damn that umbrella really got to me)

Today after school instead of studying i went to Le Marais with some people to buy the best falafel in town. To bad we didn't actually go and get the best falafel, we just got falafel from one of the other 100 falafel restaurants in Le Marais.
Something that i didn't know was that this is were all the jewish people in Paris come to live :o. I saw THE CUTEST JEWISH MAN at the falafel restaurant. He looked like someone had grabbed him right out of "a fiddler on the roof". Tots fo sho amazing! He had the big black hat, the gray beard, the clothes, a cane ! It was just wonderful :D

Only i would get super excited about that seriously...

Moa och Klara with some falafel
Vintage store in Le Marais, found loads of cute stuff but i'm saving my cash :/
Love yo faces, Gonna go sleep now!
BAI <3

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  1. Jag kan inte rita någonting fint, så va inte ledsen!