Saturday, September 3, 2011

Le Week-end!

I dont even know where to start! So much has happened since i last updated the blog! Lets just start from tuesday!

Me and my dad did some last minute sight seeing such as Sacre Couer but because i'm a stupid dumbfuck i didn't thing about the fact that its a church (-.-) So i wore the SHORTEST SHORTS I OWN and so yeah... they didn't really let me in.. Catholic basterds. But i got to sit outside and enjoy the wonderful view! :D
View from Sacre Coeur :)
Later that night my dad and I when to meet my family. I was seriously shitting myself on the way to Nanterre. Like i was so nervous i cant possibly explain! But when we got there they were all really nice and showed us their house (its super cosy :D) and then we ate som pie and talked a bunch. We stayed until 12 and before we left we drove up to a looking point of some sort and you could see so much of Paris from there! Right when we were there the Eiffel Tower lit up and sparkled! I got all giddy and happy and Baptiste (mah brothah) was like "mjeh", stupid frenchie...
Shitty Mobile phone pic in the dark but you can see the Eiffel Tower glitter :)
This was the "first day" for most swedes. Everyone met at L'école suedoise in Paris and then hopped on a bus that took us all to the middle of nowhere, and i mean THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. The nearest town had more cows than people, it was bad. The house itself was absolutely stunning! It was this large stone house with blue doors and shutters and a bunch of ivy on the walls. The view from the house was also absolutely stunning. The place was seriously enormes, it had large grass fields, a swimming pool, a barn and an apple orchard. Not too shabby

So we stayed there Wednesday - Friday. It was pretty nice, but i did have a hard time making friends. I spent a lot of time standing alone not really knowing what to do because there was no one there who would want to talkt to me... It was really strange... and kinda sad. I often felt like a total loser. Like i'd somehow been sent back 5 years and i was geeky weird me with no friends. Dont give me the pitty look yet ok!? I did eventually find some people who were nice. But i've never had to struggle like that before.

This is today. Or yesterday if you go by the fact that its past twelve (this will also explain my probably awful language, i'm dead tired). Almost all of the swedes met their family today for the first time. After coming back from Eclat Vert (the camp thing) we all stayed at l'école suedoise and waited for our families to come get us. Everyone was practically pissing themselves, feeling each others pulses and crazidly shoving grapes into their mouth with blank looks on their face. One after one left with their family and after maybe half had gone Baptiste (frenchie brother) and Corinne (frenchie mom) came and got me :). I have to admit i felt a sudden cold surge in my stomach the second i saw them. Even though i'd met them before it was still scary!

My Family
Now i can give you some more info on who the people in my family actually are :)

The Dad is really nice! He is super fun and really kind, he constantly reminds me to feel at home and do kinda whatever i want and eat whatever i want (im gonna be so fat cus he is always shoving food in my face! Time to start dancing off those kilos :P). He reminds me so much of my dad its crazy :P It's kinda like he's here with me :')

The Mom is really calm, she kinda holds back the dad :). Super, super friendly and speaks like no english. (the dad is pretty ok but still very bad :P). Totally cute and just such a typical mother.

The Brother is like idontevenwhycanthe'sjustsoidontitslikegah!!! He's the coolest person ever seriously.

1:st. He plays Chopin LIKE A BOSS. (just the fact that we both LOVE Chopin made me so happy)
2:e He plays jazz piano, me so jelly its not even funny
3:rd He plays the drums... BAMF
4:th He writes and produces his own psychedelic/electronic music. I know it sounds strange but one of his songs that had a creepy musical kind of feel was absolutely brilliant!
He's just one of those people that has music in him and shows it in every way possible, you see/feel it in every instrument that he plays!
GAH i'm so jealous of him!!! I wish i was HALF as awesome...

So yeah thats my family! Right now its like 1 am and i'm so tired i hardly know what i'm writing anymore. I wish i could give you guys mor info but im too tired and this post is long enough as it is!

I'm now going to read my friend Adrians first of many letters. SO EXCITED

Bisous! or whatevs ppl say here
BAI! <3


  1. Ett. Jag tänker inte skriva på engelska även om du gör det.. försöker lura bort mig från svenskan...
    Två. Lovade jag inte att kommentera alla dina inlägg på bloggen så du skulle känna dig populär? Jag börjar nu!
    Tre. Jag funderade faktiskt på att åka till frankrike innan jag visste att du skulle dit. Sen insåg jag att familjens ekonomi inte skulle klara det :( Så då blev det inte så. Hade ångest i typ en vecka. Sen fick jag reda på att du skulle dit..! Kaos.
    Fyra. Det var väl allt. Din familj verkar awesome och allt.

    PUSS!!! <3

  2. YAY I FEEL SPECIAL! Du jag behöver känna mig lite populär med tanke på så få kompisar som jag faktiskt har här... Ush alla brazt går mig på nerverna

  3. Simon A (yeah, you know me)September 4, 2011 at 2:04 PM

    Dang, till o med jag blir jelly av Baptiste. Riktig brony, verkligen! :P