Monday, September 26, 2011

5:30 - 23:35 The longest blogpost ever!

(Just so you know, this post was written first halfway through at 6 in the morning, the other half was written 22:50 at night. Thats just how i roll)

I've noticed this weird obsession with waking up early as hell. I have no clue why i do this.
(Sometimes its the light outside my window that does it). Now I had just been a smartass and put my alarm on at this really ridiculous time!?

But anyway, i feel like i should tell you guys what i did this weekend that now has led to me sitting here with a nose that wont stop running, pounding head, and massive amounts of undone homework on my desk.

I literally cant remember what i did Friday. But NO i dont mean it in the way, i KNOW what YOU (yes you... you who are sitting there reading my blogpost right now) are thinking...
YOU are wrong!

Ok i just remembered. I wrote that weird semi-depressing blogpost from "my french balcony".
Earlier that evening we had had a french/swedish party at Médéric. It was mostly for getting to know everyone and for feeding the frenchies some swedish food ^^.

I just have to mention that my mentor group (except for my brother and his friend Juliette) are like the most boring people ever -.-. They seriously thought the cake-making-competition was the coolest thing ever.
Dear geebus...

When the "party" had started to draw to a close some people a.k.a Thea, Moa, Klara, Elvira, Viktor and I went to Theas place in Montmartre just to hang out. We had some deep conversations over kinder maxi, awesome french chocolate cookies that you can by at Carrfour for 0.90 (:D) and some eeh... wine (a) bcus this is Paris K?
It was really nice, i'm a sucker for deep conversations about life and shit like that. Its like the best thing i know. If i could lay under the stars and talk about everything absurd thats on my mind, all my strange and grand plans for my future, or just what my favorite food is and why this food is awesome thats fine too (i can always talk about food) that would be the best thing ever.

I woke up at maybe 11:00, had breakfast at 12:00, had lunch at 14:00. I LOVE SATURDAYS
I knew i had plans for the evening so i read 20 pages of my french book (i really have to read 40 pages but i'm so easily distracted i just didn't have time for that). Now you (i'm not shitting you i just spelt you: ju, its 6 in the morning ok, but i just had to tell you) may ask, "how could i not read 40 pages in the 5 hours that i had before i had to leave?"
My answer is Supernatural.
I'm pretty sure i have written about this series on my blog before. I watched aprox 4 episodes that day. That is why i didn't have time to read those extra 20 pages.... heh..

At 20:00 i met up with Elvira at Pontan (Point de Neuilly), its kinda a sport to come up with swedish slang for places. That is why i eat at HUBERT (say this with the most swedish accent you can muster up) every wednesday and thursday :P.
We had sushi at planet sushi. This was the most spaced out sushi place i had ever been to O.O. The sushi was really overpriced but god damn it was the best sushi i had ever had! I miss the sushi at Zinken that is only 100kr, here i had to pay 170 for 14 pieces .... But i mean, the place was decorated in fluorescent pink cherryblossoms! Thats gotta be worth something!?

The plan for the night was to meet up with some people that we had met the weekend before. Lori, Abdel and Tao :). Three totally awesome guys. So we met up with Lori and Abdel and then walked to the theatre were Lori works. It was pretty small but it would still be like a dream for me to ever get to perform at a place like that. So we sat on the stage and drank champagne for a little while. Apparently there were awkward silences but because my motto is:
"det är bara stelt om man själv tycker att det är stelt"
ergo, i didn't think it was awkward bcus i didn't care/think about it.
We later went out on the town and didn't get back to Theas place until 4 in the morning if i remember correctly.

Thea lives in one of those really really small rooms in Montmartre. Anyone who has been to Paris has seen the tiny windows sticking out from the roofs of every single building. Well, in some cases those are old "maids courters". So its mainly just a small room with a bed, a sink, shelves for clothes and a small window.
Even if it is small its absolutely lovely, right up until we all had to go to bed. Klara, Thea and I slept in Theas bed, Elvira and Moa slept on a mattress on the floor. First half of the night I couldn't stretch my legs because the bed was too short and Klara was sleeping on them the other half of the night. Alas, i had no fucking blood in my legs when i woke up and my head was pounding, nose running, throat aching. Thea, was sick. Being the lovely person that she is she gave that sickness to me some time during the night.
Thank you <3

god you really dont have to read anymore, i know you must be tired!

After i woke up Sunday morning, me and Thea went to Médéric again because we had choir class.
OMG i dont know how many of my old classmates actually read my annoying blog but guys, i miss you so much. Lets just leave it at that shall we?
(People sink like rocks in low-viscosity water and we are seriously wearing glittery tophats and dancing while singing Champs Elysées...)
Its fun and all but i stood there missing strikt concert clothing and redonculously hard (but beautiful) music to sing.

The one good thing was that we get fika afterwards. A really good cup of coffee can save my day any day <3.

It is now Monday, I haz shit to tell you guys about today. But i'll write that tomorrow x)

Love yo faces