Thursday, September 8, 2011

Semi-daily blogin + me being stupid

So i realized that i practically already update this blog every day so why not just go out and say that its now a (semi) daily blog :).

Seeing as i'm not all awesome with words as my friend Adrian I feel like my blog post just dont "last" as long as his does. Therefore i feel obligated to update it almost every day!

I just have to talk about Chemistry a little bit okey? After this rant i'll tell you something stupid and funny i did, so just get through this :P.
I dont want to blabber on about homework too much on the blog because i know that we all have it, it's nothing new, and i'm not special in any way for hating it!

Though this has got to be said: I now have the biggest grudge ever against my old Chem teacher (who my old class still has).

I got my first Chem homework maybe two days ago. Forgot it, remembered it, opened the book, started reading and realized that I.Understood.NOTHING. I could hardly do any calculations, everything was just a blurr! All of last year i had survived on what i had learnt in year 9 but now with Chem B everything is new (except for the basic stuff that we should have learnt in Chem A but didn't because we had a crap teacher and crap system). I am just SO FRUSTRATED! Not okey, its just NOT OKEY! CAPS LOCK RAGE-IN MAD!!!

To quote my brother "Blargl-Flargl..." *flailing with arms*

So yes thats what i've been doing since i came home today.. Math hw and desperately trying to understand my Chem hw. I'm not doing my Physics hw... Why you ask? Because i dont have a book. There wasn't one left for me when they were handing them out. So unloved :'(. I felt like batman in the line for superpowers....

should have ended this blogpost here but i just have to add that funny thing that i promised!

So in Sweden if the train stops at the last stop, the driver TELLS YOU to get off. Or someone else does (i usually do this to sleeping people because i'm a decent person!). In Paris things work differently... People will just look at you, think "that bitch be screwed" and merrily hopp off the train.
So there I am, listening to my ipod, reading a book. I look up and notice that i'm the only stupid mo-fo left on the train O.O. Naturally i panic and starting pacing back and forth on the train not knowing what to do chanting "shitshitshitshit". At last the train stops in the middle of a tunnel and the doors open. Ofc being a stupid mo-fo i get out thinking i can just walk away. The driver then yells at me in french and tells me to get back in the train. Sheepishly i walk back to my seat. After maybe a minute the train starts towards La Dèfense again and when it stops at the station i hurry out of the doors avoiding any eyecontact with the confused people thinking i must be some crazy blonde person living in the subway tunnels of paris.

So thats that! I love yo faces and i'll write again soon!
BAI <3


  1. Hahaha jag började verkligen skratta när jag läste om din skräckupplevelse i tunnelbanan xD stackare, jag kan bara känna ångesten som måste ha drabbat dig :O vem blir inte livrädd om en arg fransman börjar skrika åt en? Och när man sitter ensam kvar på tåget... Hahah stackare <33
    PLUS vi sitter verkligen i samma båt vad gäller kemin! Jag är heeelt lost. Fattar nu att jag hade en fruktansvärt dålig lärare i NO i nian. Jag menar, jag visste redan att han var dålig. Men inte sååå dålig...
    Men snälla kan jag få din adress? Om man får skicka brev alltså? (hahah jag är tjejjen med stor koll) puss och kram till dig och hoppas du har det suu-uu-uuu-per!!!! <3

  2. 28 ter rue de Belfort 92 000 Nanterre
    Asså det var hemskt! Är kul att prata om det i efterhand men då vare jättejobbigt!!! Speciellt att gå av tåget, det var bara så pinsamt XD
    puss sj saknar dig såååååååå mycket!!! <3

  3. Asså du är så tardig!!! :p lite klantigt måste jag säga. Men det är okej att göra bort sig ibland! Jag gör också det! Och jag känner mig typ som ett litet mongo som går runt och är tard i skolan utan att du är där och är tardig med mig!!! :( det är inte lika kul, och ingen fattar vad jag håller på med, och dom tycker bara jag är konstig (mer konstig än tidigare...) SAD!

    Puss <3