Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out and about

This week Thea in my class turned 18, so Thea, Moa, Klara, Elvira and I decided we should celebrate! So we went to dinner at this really amazing restaurant called Del Papa, the pasta there was crazy good!
After an awesome dinner we decided to find a café which isn't really hard in Paris. Though something that is hard to find is a café that doesn't sell coffee for 9,50...Seeing as Thea lives in Montmartre we took the train there and found a beautiful little café a bit up on the hill to Sacre Coeur and it was so nice!

Most places in the world have stereotypes right? Like if someone says "New York" you immediately think of times square or some sex and the city type view of the city. If someone says Paris, you probably think of small cafés, people sitting with a glass of wine and a cigarette talking smooth french in a warm yellow glow. A man standing not to far away playing the accordion. In the distance the flickering lights of Paris softly melting into the night sky. It seems to perfect yes? The thing is this was my reality last night. It was so perfect i hardly believed it myself!

Anyway sorry for not uploading anything yesterday, i kinda came home at one :P

Here are a few pics

Födelsedags"barnet" Thea

Shitty phone pics! This was my view
Took a walk up to Sacre Coeur later on an met some more swedes :D
So thats that, Baptiste is going to La Defense and Corinne is driving him so i get the house to myself:
Love yo face, I'll write again soon <3

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