Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nothing special

God i'm so bored.

Today there was supposed to be a big picnic in Bois du Boulogne with the swedes and frenchies but because it just wont stop raining here in Paris it was posponed to next sunday. So me and Baptiste have been sitting in separate rooms doing kinda the same thing:

Oh and i've watched the hell out of Supernatural.
(Supernatural > Food , thats big for me okey)

Yeah, Paris life isn't nearly as exciting as you would think. Read the post before this one, its much more interesting. This is just to show i'm alive.

Love yo faces, hope your life is a lot more lively than mine right now!
I'll write again soon (hopefully something worth while)
BAI <3


  1. Yeah, actually I spent like.. 4 hours, making sushi, before eating..for 2 hours. SO EXCITING! HOHOHOHO, nej svenska får det bli! Inget är större än mat. Det är omöjligt. OK??!?!

  2. Har du sett supernatural? Om inte så vet du inte hur fantastiskt det är och hur ofattbart heta Sam och Dean är (speciellt Dean...) DE är bättre än mat helt klart... Eller okej kanske inte bättre än sushi.. Ja vet inte. <3

  3. I friggin love your GIF:. They really literally make me LOL.