Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CSI en francais is retarded

Sup dude, sup? (my first txt ever to my french brother)

Today was my first real school day meaning i had real lessons unt stuff.
I had French, Fysics and Swedish.

In French class we didn't do much, i think all i got out of that hour was that my french teachers name is Annika. I'm pretty sure i spaced off after 5 min and started fantasizing about going back to bed mmmm....

Fysics was actually pretty awesome (i'm visualizing all the Social Studies nerds wincing at the thought). We had class outside because there wasn't a classroom available. We are 10 people or so in Fysics A and my teacher ROCKS. He's really cool, super smart and explanes stuff like a boss. So excited for Chem with him tomorrow!

After this i had lunch. I had lunch at École Suedois so i had to take the metro and walk and do stuff that lazy people like myself kinda hate... You know... Move.
The food was good, had some pytt i panna :D YAY swedish food!!!

Swedish B was okey, i mean i kinda hate swedish. It's just never really been my thing. Then last year i got an MVG in Swedish A and all of a sudden i feel obligated to actually be good at Swedish. Only time an MVG has made me feel bad. Swedish teacher = cool... I dunno, he's from Lund.

Ok, the header (CSI thing). I've been watching CSI with Bappi and i seriously dont get anything, mainly because everyone speaks french. Duh.
But i mean its just retarded because they all sound so polite o.o
I'ts like when i saw a homeless man yesterday kick a box and yell something in french

I've started to decorate my room a little bit with the few things i have. Something that i do have is a bunch of pictures of the former N1A :D.
I get three new pictures every week!
You dont have to understand, all you have to know is that Adrian is the coolest person ever.

nuff said.


Going to watch some more CSI now.... YAY training up some french skillz!
Love yo face, I'll write again soon
BAI <3


  1. Kul att du börjar skolan två veckor efter oss. Kul! Börjar det bli lite jobbigt att jag kommenterar alla inlägg?? Va? Va? VA?

    CSI är alltid "polite" oavsett vilket språk. PROMISE! Det är ett "polite"-program.. typ.

    Älskar dina dekorationer i rummet, tycker mig se en tardbild på mig (varför är jag inte förvånad att du tar en mongobild och inte en fin?) Men det är okej, för du är så jävla ful. That's why I love you ;) <3

  2. heh det finns två tard bilder på dig :P
    Min bror kom in och bah "aah you've started" och så peka han på bilderna
    *awkwerd silence då han faktiskt ser bilderna*
    yeah okej bye...
    haha älskar mattias i mitten den är så klockren XD

  3. OFC! I just put up the new fotos from letter number three. The one of you and Emelie + the convo on the back, i was like lmao.