Monday, September 5, 2011

I should be sleeping

So yeah.. whats up?


I start school tomorrow.
Like how stupid was i to look forward to this?

"Um yeah i'm tired of summer vacation i want school"

Past me was such a retard.

But yeah i start at eight and i have french. Just so you all know my schedule is absolut f*ck sh*t balls crappy. Like i start eight almost everyday and ending at four is normal...

Oh and i'm bleeding D:
I bought a new razor today (Venus embraaaaace)! Right afterwords i was like 
"aaaahhh so soft ima be a GODESS" Jumpin around the bathroom in my short shorts.
*walkedy walk into my room*
I sit down and realize that my legs are bleeding out of small little holes....
Here's the thing i havn't had a new razor in like.... Ever, so wasn't that careful heh

...So now i'm a teenage mutant bleeding (turtle). 
Yes I like to pretend im a superhero/villain of some sort

TODAY we visited St Dominique and some frenchies showed us the school and oh sweet Buddah am i going to get lost o.o the place is huge and holds like 2000 students! But its beautiful, some places seriously look like Hogwarts! I'm going to have to be weird tomorrow and take some pictures :).

Here's a tumblr picture that really "spoke to me" 
*arf arf arf* (this is my brittish laugh, yes be impressed) i'm so posh with my posh language.
"the only one's in my heart" (plural <3)
I miss everyone single one of my beautiful friends but just know i'm having the time of my life so far and i'll see you all soon <3 puss

Love you face, I'll write again soon
(i realize know that this was pretty pointless but hopefully tomorrow, after a super happy fun time day at school i'll have more to write ^^)

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  1. Haha, jag hatar när man köper ny rakhyvel och det blir KAOS. Det jobbigaste är om man kör lite snabbt för att man ska iväg och sen bara... BLOOOOOOOOOOOD! Inte ok.