Friday, September 16, 2011

Today i didn't go to school. Maybe i should mark this day in my calendar or something: My first sick day!
If i know anything about myself i'm sure it'll soon be one among many sick days...

It started yesterday evening before dinner when i was doing my chem homework. I was sitting there writing and realized that my hand was really tense and spazzy. It wasn't just my hand it was my enitre body that was shaking. I started feeling all dizzy and nauseous. It was so creepy!
I couldn't sleep untill maybe 3:00 because i was feeling so strange. Woke up at 6:00 with churning pains in my stomach. I seriously couldn't move it hurt so bad. Wasn't untill maybe 10 or so that i could get up and take some alvedon.
Felt better after lunch and now i'm fine so thats a relief!

Only thing is that now a bunch of people are asking me if i want to go out tonight... I feel like my family would think i was faking or something if i decided to go out the same day i was home sick. Honestly though i dont feel up to it anyway. I might not be in pain anymore but i'm dead tired!

So instead i'm going to sit at home, do math hw (because i'm already a week behind! yay me) and french grammer. Oh dear jesus this week we had a two hour long french class with ONLY french grammer. My head nearly exploded...
So now back to doing my homework:
Love yo face


  1. Ughh grammar... On the other hand my french at school is 3 hours long. Ofc only once a week tho..

  2. yes but is it a concentrated hell of only grammer? x( hopefully wont ever have that again...

  3. Stackars liten :( Du får se till att äta massa mediciner och tabletter i förebyggande syfte hädanefter ;)