Thursday, September 15, 2011

First FFK at La Défense

Today at 10:15 everyone met at the stairs under the Grande Arche in La Défense. Most people on time, me not being one of them even though i live 15 minutes from La Défense... *cough*

While boiling on the white stairs everyone huddled closer to try and hear Britt-Maries very faint voice as she informed us about what we were going to do. We were divided into groups and set off to tour around La Défense. For being quite old, Britt-Marie powerwalks like a champ! I stop to take a picture and all of sudden the rest of the group has advanced a km...

This stressing me out i manage to drop the lens protection thing for my camera. What do you think happens? No really WHAT do you think happens -.- the thing rolls on its side and then perfectly fits itself between the gaps of the "floor" of the square. Worst part is that this has happened before, only then it was near a waterfall in Yosemite. Lens cover falls off into the stream and disappears forever...

But anywho, even if i did lose the lens cover i got some nice pictures of La Defense :).

Afterwards i went home to Elvira for some fika! GOD I MISS FIKA SO MUCH! My family doesn't drink proper coffee, they only have nesscafé or whatever and it tastes so bad :'(.
But now we had fika infront of Elviras beautiful window and french balcony :D had some coffee, ice tea, muffins and chocolate :) what else does a girl need?
Btw i'm in love with the appartement that she lives in, so BIG and beautiful :') i want to live like that (but wont ever afford it).

Pics from today:

These are just a few among 500 others :P
Love yo faces, I'll write again tomorrow
BAI <3


  1. Fika är en underskattad konst. Det är därför jag försöker bevara den i ett bra skick så gott jag kan! ;)

  2. Åh fika.. saknar dig!
    and tell your family to stop drinking nescoffee or whatever its called because nestle still does animal testing for their products :(