Monday, August 29, 2011

Bonjour! Je ma...öö I'm screwed

Yes i wasn't kidding when i said i was moving to France. I know you all believed me, but at times i didn't believe it myself. So right now i'm laying on a bed in a french hotel (dads out at some pub drinking wine.. or whatever adults do at ten at night) listening to a mix-CD (Here (In your Arms) is on atm <3) that i got from Lovisa and eating zoo candy. It's like i never left after all :).

So today me and my dad arrived in Paris at about four. After checking in to our hotel we started walking around in town. We made it to Notre Dame until i felt like if i didn't eat something soon i would kinda topple over and die. So we had dinner (aaah so exciting!!! *sarcasm*) and then went back to the hotel.

So here i am, in france, practically shitting myself over the thought of seeing my family tomorrow and having to speak french with them. Just ordering coffee today was a challenge...
Love yo face, i'll write again soon :)
BAI <3

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