Thursday, August 18, 2011

Packing blöööhh

So tomorrow i really have to start packing... I'M SO NOT EXCITE
I hate packing in general and thats for like short 2 week trips... How on earth i'm going to be able to pack for an entire year!?
My mom made me a packing list and i got a list from my school. But that just makes me even more prone to a /ignore attitude.

Today i went shopping with my bff Lovisa and it was great :D She bought a bunch of stuff at Hollister and i bought new shoes at Scorett. THEY ARE MY NEW BABIES! My mom threw out my old babies (my brown boots that i named my "hobo-boots").

But yeah, shoe obsession aside. I really need to start packing tomorrow, or at least start thinking about packing. I've already told Lovisa that the clothes I dont bring with me her and Elise are aloud to fight to the death for. Mostly because it would be highly entertaining for me :)
I'll post a daily favorite tumblr after this aswell :)
Love yo face, i'll write again soon
BAI !!

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