Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So i have been one of the few unlucky swedes who havn't yet had any contact with their french "toast" family. I mean, i know my french e-mail was absolutely appalling but jeeze an answer would have been nice! If my old french teacher had read that e-mail he probably would have slapped me...

(ok it wasn't like they wouldn't have understood it but man i was so embarrassed the day after when i read through it again... MVG my ass ><)

So i sent an e-mail to my school saying that i hadn't gotten an answer. I got an answer saying that my "brother" Baptiste was going to contact me tonight and then we could chat and "become the best of friends" on facebook, yaaay! (hahaha even more epic-fail french here i come)

So anyway, i'm not completely forgotten!

Today i bought new jeans at Hollister and a new shirt (because all my clothes are apparently made by the devil or something, or slut hoe-bag clothes... I wasn't really paying attention to my moms rant on what the frenchies would think).
But my point is:
Have you seen the bag you get when you shop at hollister?!
I feel like i'm openly carrying around porn...
I mean seriously, this mans stomach looks my keyboard and his pants are crazy low.

Love yo face, i'll write again soon :)

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