Monday, August 22, 2011

INFO about host family and school

I realized that i hadn't written any info in the blog on my french family or my school so i thought it was about time! I will now try to give you all the interesting info that i have on my year in france :)
(oh and i love parentheses just so you know)

So i'll be living in a normal (at least i hope they're normal ...) french family with two parents (Marc and Corinne) and a 17 year old son (Baptiste ,lol it's ok to laugh because i certainly did ^^). The son goes to St Dominic which is the french school that my swedish school is connected to. Its a bit complicated i know. St Dominic is a catholic school but i'll write more about that later ;). He apparently likes music (plays the piano and the drums) and has a music studio in the basement (AWESOME).

They live in a suburb of Paris called Nanterre. My school is in the neighboring suburb called Neuilly sur-seine (this is like 4 stations from L'Arc de Triomphe).

My school:
I'll be going to a SWEDISH SCHOOL in Paris. I say this because a lot of people thought that i was going to a french school. I mean i'm flattered and all but seriously guys? All of my subjects in french? Thinking with our asses are we?
My school is a part of the french catholic school St Dominic. This brings me to my biggest concern, dresscode. This is very unusual in Sweden where everyone strives to be "unique" and "different" and "special". Weird vintage clothes arn't something strange. 

But in Fraaaance:
1. No shorts or short skirts (i have no clue how they define"short" but i'm pretty sure this rules out ALL of my skirts -.-)
2. no "plunging necklines" aslo known as no major boob-idge 
3. No long dresses (maxi dresses of all sorts)
4. Nothing to strange/freaky/weird = everythingthatstandsout-clothing

I have like 4 t-shirts and one pair of jeans that i can wear to school. Super

I got 100000 papers sent to me about rules and etiquette. Which draws me to the conclusion that swedish teens obviously cant behave themselves because some of the stuff was just stupid.
"You cant bring your dinner into your room and eat it there".. WHAT!? Thats preposterous!! :O

I have also finished my packing list (for my clothes, nothing else *sigh*) and i was very pleased untill my mom said that we had to read it over and remove some things... 
If she starts taking away my favorite stuff i will cut her.

I realize this became a really long post but i felt obligated to fill people in :) So if you're still reading, you're awesome, and now you know aprox everything that i know.
Love you face, i'll write again soon!

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  1. i can die now^^ det va typ den roligaste läsningen på länge!(märk väl att jag skriver på svenska, defiance!!..(oh crap...))
    de är ju dock fransmän, va förväntar man sig liksom.
    The French: hilarious names, fantastic english, peculiar sense of order and...baguette... WHY WOULD ANYONE WANNA GO THROUGH THAT??:p men det låter ju inte så dåligt, inga jätteawkward middagar iaf, du får säkert sjukt me efterrätter också?(sätter ett frågetecken efter konstaterande, success!) och du har ju baptiste med en ljudisolerad källare... oh...:p hoppas du får det åååsum<3

    Nisse (ja, jag failade me hur man skriver sitt namn där uppe-.-