Monday, August 22, 2011

Bestest of times

At what point of the day can you run, skip and roll down the street without sceptical boring adult people peering out of their windows wondering what on earth that silly ADHD-teen is doing? Well not time of "day" i guess, but in the middle of the night :). You should try it, especially with Mumford & Sons blasting in your ears.

Just got back from hanging out in humlan with some people, it was really awesome! Swung in a swing with two other people untill everyone nearly puked, laughed till we died and then actually died, drank mouthwash and hung out in playground-simulated black holes. Yupp fun times...

Later when i got to Gullmarsplan and was left all alone i went to 7eleven and got a sourdough bread sandwich with goatcheese. *droooool* yuuuuummmm....
I later, as stated before, ran around on the street outside my house and then just lay flat on the ground looking up at the black sky. Quickly getting bored i took some pictures so here you go bloggedy type people!

Laying in the street just chillin
Trying to be artistic but failing
My eternal drug of choice <3

Because i'm pretty like that

Best one according to me :)

So thats that, i'll try and write some more things actually concerning my year in Paris TOMORROW! Going to hang out with my Frida first then i'll write stuff about my new french family, whats actually up with my school and packing issues.
Love yo face, i'll write again soon ;)

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