Monday, December 5, 2011

My body hates me

Today i was going to have a 2 hour math lesson and then after that i was going to have a 4 hour lunch. But the waking up feeling like i was dying kind of came in the way of that.
So this morning i wake up, nauseated and dizzy. It takes me about 30 min just to get out of bed and into the bathroom. I realize quite quickly that getting up wasn't the smartest thing, i nearly fainted.
My body must seriously hate me. I have a math test on wednesday and i really could have used those 5 hours of studying. Instead i've been laying in bed trying not to throw up, watching a movie while i chewed peppermint gum (i read somewhere that peppermint is supposed to be good when you feel nauseous) and drinking buckets of water.

I feel a little bit better now, except for the fact that my stomach seems to be rudely rejecting that banana i just ate.
I can't wait til christmas, so sick of school and work and GOD I'M SO SICK OF MATH. When i leave in June i will cry tears of joy because i'll never have to have another class with that joke of a teacher.
It's quite hilarious actually that people have found small notes in their math books saying things like:
"I hope you dont get Alla, if so, be prepared to study ur ass off. If you do that you'll make it, otherwise well... Good Luck"
- Warning from a former SSP students.
Well thats comforting.

Now i'm going to change and hopefully get some studying done

Love yo faces
BAI <3

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