Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alone in a room full of people

Today my mentor-group had a "meeting" at our favorite little café in Odéon. Its the cutest place ever and serves the best chocolate viennois in Paris (à mon avis...). Most mentor-groups dont really think of these meetings as something special but it really is! Its a chance for us to really talk about how we feel about being here! What's bothering us, what's stressing us out, what we find really amazing/fun/interesting. We can sit down, drink som hot chocolate, eat som gateau and just VENT!

Something that came up is "feeling alone despite being with other people in the same situation". Even though almost everyone is going through the same thing here, every experience and feeling here in Paris is very personal. At the end of the day its you and only you that is sitting alone in your room having waaay to much time to think about all of the troubles of being here. It can get very lonely.

Another thing we talked about was missing home, family, friends and swedish things in general. Almost nobody really misses home too much. We've been here for such a long time that this is our world now. Just trying to picture our old rooms is difficult! Paris is home and Paris is life. Picturing myself back in my room in Sweden is comforting but also unnerving. I dont like thinking of a life where i dont live in this city and i dont get to see all of these wonderful people every day...

Do you understand that there is a major need for venting here!?

Tomorrow we have a sportsday so everyone is going to go out to Saint-Germain en Laye and run around and be active. I'm surprisingly excited, i've had so much homework lately that i havn't had any time to go out running! There will be plenty of time for that during autumn break i guess.

Time for bed
Love yo face
BAI <3

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