Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not so Lazy sunday


Today i had trouble putting on my jeans. Why? Because it hurt so much. Why did it hurt? Because my entire left leg is filled with bruises.
Not going to go through all the details, all i'm saying is: Dont fall down stairs, it hurts like hell.
Dont fall down stairs sober,
Dont fall down stairs drunk,
Just dont fall down stairs ok?
Cus you will get cancer, AND DIE!
or just, be in loads of pain... like me

That was yesterday. TODAY I went to Starbucks in La Defense and got a White Chocolate Mocha and a strawberry cheesecake. "Because i'm worth it OKEY!!!"
I sat there and tried to do some math while fighting off extremely annoying pigeons that kept flying up onto my table or flying an inch over my head. I actually felt their gross wings flap agains my head.
One seriously tried to eat my cheesecake.
So yeah, i smacked him with pencil case.
Bitches be crazy when you try and steal their food, he was asking for it...

Then i went to Sephora and bought an orange lipliner.
My beautiful friend Elise has one and i kinda fell in love with it so now i have my own!
Then i searched maybe 6 stores for the right kind of knitted scarf that i want. I did eventually find it :)
The crazy thing is that the lip liner and the scarf cost the same... What is this crazy world..
Because i have really thin lips i had to make this face so that you would actually see the lipcolor... 
So thats awkward...
Here you can see the scarf :) Standard.

Now i'm going to try and do some french homework that i have for tomorrow. Still doing the Conditionnel -.- asdakjshdaksga so boring...

Love yo face <3


  1. hahahha, älskar att du har problem med fåglar som vill ha din mat x) själv har jag bröder...

    Fett snyggish bild ;) rawr liksom :P (även om du gör en lite.. skum min. <3 )

  2. hahah jag har hällre en bror som jagar efter min mat än fåglar, man ser lixom ondskan i deras ögon o.o...
    tack snyggis ;)