Wednesday, October 26, 2011

omg homework

You got homework? I DO TOO :D

So for tomorrow:
MEDEA - we are reading this play in swedish class and we are going to discuss it in class tomorrow, yes this will affect my grade. I have only read half of the play and dont really get why Medea is such a crazy bitch.

FFK - i have to have finished the summary of Paris during the middle ages, the Crypte under Notre-Dame and the Panthèon. Woop almost done!

CHEMISTRY - I have a really difficult test on friday and my teachers laid back attitude is starting to piss me off because GOD PLEASE MAKE THINGS SOUND SO EASY! When he talks about it its like "well YEAH i get it :D" --> *at home doing the work* = KILL ME NOW I DONT UNDERSTAND!??!
So yeah, im screwed. Going to study at Moas house tomorrow

1200 word essay on Medea, i have no clue what on earth i am writing yet... He hasn't told us what to focus on or whatever, like i said i havn't even read the entire play yet. SparkNotes is my friend!

Its crazy to think that i have gone from practically a straight A student to FAILING yes failing, not just getting a bad grade, two french tests and probably a physics test.

I've never failed a test before in my life...
I got a G on my math test here,
Thats like the fourth one in my entire life...

Does that give you an idea of what kind of stress living here can put on someone?
On top of all of this is juggling three languages all at the same time.
Swedish-English-French round and round and round. Sometimes i catch myself thinking in three languages at the time or mixing it all up when i speak. Its exhausting...

I thought i'd share some tips on surviving stressful times in school:
This is just the stuff that i try to follow and it helps me, so all you stressed out peeps you might want to read <3.

1. Failing and getting G:s is not the end of the world!!!!
2. Doing your best is all you can do and if that isn't "enough" then thats OK because it was your best
3. Stressing about stuff you cant affect in any way is not a good way of using your energy
4. If you have time to rest, use it well
5. Study 30 min, break for 10 = perfect
6. Prioritize and plan. This includes resting and watching the newest episode of Glee.
7. Do exercise, there is ALWAYS time to go our running or walking. It doesn't take as long as our lazy minds usually convince ourselves that is takes.
8. Dont feel sorry for yourself, a failed grade and 200 grams of chocolate later you have to focus again
9. Lastly, this is not forever. Just think about it as a distance that you have to run. It does end and even if its hard at some times, you will get through it, you will survive it because you are smart and strong and amazing.

Something that helps me get through all of my awful homework is focusing on a dream that i have, more precisely what i want to do after high school. Often i have to do good in school for these dreams to come true.
Dont take this and make it into a bad thing though ok?
Like, dont get devastated because you dont think you will be able to become a doctor.
The dream is a carrot
If you eventually dont get the carrot, will you die?
... NO
because there are a bunch of awesome veggies out there that probs taste just as awesome as that carrot.
do you get what i'm saying?
I hope so.
Because my ten minutes (*cough* twenty now *cough*) is up and i have to go back to studying :).

I love all yo faces very much
BAI <3

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