Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Night in Saint-Germain de Prés

Sometimes here in Paris i get these out of body experiences. Just moments when you kind of see yourself from above and realise just how lucky you are to be a part of all of this.

Last night i had one of those when Moa and I visited Thea at this apartment in Saint-Germain de Prés which is like the second most wonderful place in paris (after Montmartre). She was borrowing it from her host mothers danish friend and we decided that instead of going out we would make some dinner and watch a movie. When we were there everything was just so perfect, it was like a movie moment of cozy awesomeness.

This apartment was the cutest thing ever! Imagine a doll-house - white walls, cute pink details, a lot of small ornaments and such. The kitchen was TINY! We could hardly fit two people at the same time around the stove. We sat on the rug in the bedroom eating our dinner and cheesecakes talking about grandparents, university, moving away from home, and ofc a bunch of stuped shit that isn't worth mentioning here :P.
Later we watched the virgin suicide, unfortunately not all the way through :(.

The internet is so slow that it has seriously taken me hours to upload these pictures!!!
Had some nice photos that Moa had taken but i'll have to post those later.
Oh and Elisey-pooh is coming tomorrow ;) <3

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