Friday, October 7, 2011

Cant sleep

Hey blog people

I have this issue, or its kind of more like a mindset.
Sometimes I cant sleep because i dont want it to be tomorrow.
I dont know if other people feel like this.
It's like i'm reluctant to my life moving forward.
I'd much rather stay in what is now, even if that is 1:30, sitting with my computer in my bed.
The fact that i'm getting up at 5 tomorrow to have time to shower doesn't make things better.
But my mind works in mysterious ways.
Instead of then actually going to bed. I convince myself that the best thing to do is to just stay awake, because that will somehow push up day.

"Night will always push up day" - Mumford & Sons - After the storm
I guess it goes both ways.

On of the best things i know is staying up until maybe 2:00, taking a shower, making some tea, eating som food and just sitting and soaking up the night.

Like i said, i dont want it to become tomorrow.
It's way to late for me to write anything about what happened today.
Tomorrow I probs wont be home because i have choir and dance after school and then i might be going to a friends house for a movie night. So no blogging then either.
I just felt like sharing this factoid about myself.

Love yo face <3 Good night

This is cute, i'd love to be an owl (night owl), sick of being human.

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  1. Jag känner också så ibland. Så du är inget ensamt litet tard. Btw, jag gillar an owl, hmm maybe i should try that?? :D