Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another night in a cramped room in Montmartre

Yesterday Paris had this thing called Nuit Blanche. Stockholm has a similar thing called "Kulturnatt" or something. Its technically just that a bunch of museums, theaters and bars are open almost all through the night and they have some kind of special nuit blanche theme.

I checked the website to see what kind of stuff would be happening in Montmartre and i seriously didn't understand ANYTHING of what was on that website.
It was like i understood the words but not what they were trying to tell me.
Imagine a bunch of expositions with a lot of really weird modern "svart och svår" art. Like strange shows with people wearing animal heads - deeper meaning shit.
To the people who have seen RENT:
You know the show that Maureen does and she talks about the cow and tells everyone to moo, yeah that one! It was like that!
So i was actually kind of excited about this!

So i'm on my way to Notre Dame-de-Lorette and i get a txt from Moa giving me an adress to were she was going with Thea. Not having a map on me i try to call her and tell her that there is no way in hell that i'm going to find my way to this mysterious adress. I was not in the mood for wandering around alone in Montmartre at 22:00 either.
Ofc she doesn't answer her phone.
I try calling Thea, she doesn't answer her phone.
I try calling Klara, she picks up, but is not with Moa and Thea.

Apparently she is hanging out with her London friends that are here for the weekend. Three guys from the swedish school in London. Not getting a hold of Moa and Thea i give up on that and set off to Pigalle.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a long story.. I'll try and make it short, because its really not that entertaining.

So i get there, say hello, we go to a bar, have som drinks, everything is awesome and fun, they are totally nice.
The night is going great until Klara insists on that we go to Favela Chic. The problem is that Klara wasn't really sure how to get there. So we spend half the night looking for Favela Chic, when we cant find it, we spend the other half of the night looking for a cab.


OMG i am never EVER doing that again. We seriously looked for a cab for maybe 2 hours. It was horrible!!!

But at last, we made our way back to Pigalle. We left the boys to do what it is guys do in Pigalle,
(Its the place where Moulin Rouge is if that gives you a hint)
and then we went to Theas place to sleep. This time i didn't have to sleep in the really soft bed, i got to sleep in the floor. This my friends is an upgrade if you can believe it!

So my weekend blew, hope everyone else had fun at least!

I actually have a question!
Is my blog hard to read?
Seeing as i dont read my blog and if i do i know exactly what it says, i cant judge.
Bcus i feel like maybe i should change it up, change the font and coloring?
Or maybe just change the entire thing to make it easier on the eyes?
What do you think... plz some1 just answer this so that i know

hahah okej.... love yo face
BAI <3


  1. Förlåt att jag inte kommenterat alla dina inlägg, det har varit lite mycket. :(((
    Haha älskar att du har sett en sån show på riktigt.. omg, jag önskar jag var där.. "Mo with me!!! COME ON! MO WITH ME!!!"

  2. ja asså... jag trodde du hade glömt mig :'(
    det var inte alls lika coolt som Maureens grej men du förstår tanken :P

  3. Dun worry, its easy to read :D /Ayman