Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New look, same old me


So I changed the look of my blog. I hope nobody gets upset by this.
I just felt like there was too much going on in the last one for it to be a "comfortable read".

So today i woke up extra bleedin early (like 5:30 -.-) to have time to go to La Defense and look for my wallet + buscard.
When i get to La Defense and find the information place. I try to tell this poor woman about how i lost my wallet last night. She was unfathomably kind to me and showed me the way to some hidden office.
I walk in and this man takes me into his office. He asks me to repeat everything (that went swell). After a while he finally understood what had happened and checked his papers to see if anyone had brought it in.
I didn't quite understand what happened after that...
He gave me this number and told me that if i called it they would help me find my wallet.
Sounds legit.
So I asked if could call it now?
But no ofc, it was too early. No one in there right mine would be working at this hour ><.

After school i go to La Defense again and try calling the number. What happens when i call it:
AbsolutEly NOTHING.
I call and i dont even hear it dial. There is NOTHING TO HEAR.
Pissed and upset and set off towards the information desk again.
This time its some dude sitting there and i ask if he speaks english.
Eh NO (atleast he's honest, not like most frenchies who say "öööh yäs a wittew")
Apparently he spoke japanese aswell, that must be useful.
So anyways, he checkes his computer for my wallet but comes up with nothing.
Nobody has handed it in.

This man does give me another number though that i should call on friday. That number will take me to the agency that takes care of all lost items (from all stations/busses/trains and more).

I need to start with some physics homework now...
(I realise now that i've been spelling physics with an F and that is why my computer has always told me its not spelled correctly. I'm very sorry for this.)

If you are going to learn anything from this its:

But it could have been worse, i could have had my VISA in it. Thank GOD i didn't lose that!

Love yo face, hope the new blog looks ok (i have a thing for dark blogs ^^)
BAI <3


  1. Finally you realised, don't know why I didn't correct you before... About the PHysics thing xD //Tanya

  2. gaha omg it took forever and i was like: WHAT AM I DOING WRONG SQUIGGLY RED LINE!?