Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm in the play, i got a part, but not really... am i then in the play... really?


Today i had FFK just like every thursday. This lovely thursday we visited the Pantheon. A ginormous greekish thing of a building that is there in honor of Génevieve (omg spelling i dont even). She's is France's sacred whats-her-face. I really cant remember.
First of all i came late
(its not easy finding your way in Paris, especially if you are me... which i'm the only one who is, so you dont get it... damn)
Second, i was kinda taking pictures the entire time so heh...
I had already visited the place with my dad once so it wasn't all new to me. I already knew the story behind everything and i'd already once been down to the moldy, smelly, quite creepy crypte.... NOT pleasant i must say

After the Pantheon we went to a small Lebanese restaurent/take away place and bought some lunch :). It was veeery yummy and you got free tea!! :D

I later had to go back to school to have a french test which went sooo badly!!?!?
In the middle of the test i literally collapsed on the table and gave up.
I know this will sound bad but the thing is i've always naturally been pretty good at french so when i lived in Sweden i didn't have to work too hard to get a good grade. I'd already worked my ass off in Middle School so when i started at Kungsholmen i just rode my wave of french awesomeness all the way to my MVG. HERE everyone is amazing and works really hard and there's all this pressure to be really good...

My "screw grammer i'ma just be talking like a boss" attitude wont work here....

After school i had theatre!!! I seriously look forward to this every single week.
Today Niklas (the "director" or whatever you call him) gave out all of the parts in the play.
*please dont make me the retarded chick k thx bye*
He left the biggest girl parts for last. In the end it was only Thea, Victoria, Helin, Elin and I left. He started off with giving Helin a really small part which i dont think she was too happy with. Thea got Olivia, Elin got Liz and Victoria got the main part namely Grace!
So who am i?
Who am i going to portray in this wonderful play?
NOBODY. yupp, i'm not even getting a part.
I'm not upset though, i'll be doing the music.
I shouldn't be upset, its a better gig than playing the retarded, drooling girl in the wheelchair who hisses at people.
I just feel like i joined the theatre group to play theatre! Not sit behind a piano and play for an hour...
I guess i'll grow to love it. I wonder if i'll get to write my own music for it :D that would be awesome.

Here be some pics, yupp enjoy <3

inside the Pantheon
Down in the crypte
Posing infront of the fountain :D
what to do instead of focusing on your french test
Love yo face <3
BAI :)

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