Tuesday, October 18, 2011

60th post :)

Sorry for not updating in a while! I've had tons of stuff to do lately.
Or like Adrian so nicely puts it every time i ask him to update his blog more:
"Um, i mean, i've like got a life you know!?"
haha yes Adrian you sound like a little bitch in my head when you say that <3

Today was Tuesday and as always i confused the days (i'm always, ALWAYS a day ahead) so i thought it was Wednesday. Hahaha lets just say i was NOT on time today <3

This weekend i went shopping with Vicky in La Defense and i bought a dress.
Those who dont know me: "Oh ok... what color?"
Those who do know me: "You bought a WHAT?"

I myself have not bought a proper dress-dress (maxi dresses dont count, seeing as i usually use them as skirts anyway!) since the 7th grade, aprox. This is not counting my promdress ;)
So this is a huge step for me haha
Here it is:
Ignore the mess... Look at the dress ;) (yay for unintentional rimes!)

Tomorrow i'm going to a thing called "Gibus". It's a concert that my host brother is participating in. Well it's like a concert/competition. The winner of the competition gets a record deal, a bunch of cash and they get to be the opening band for one of Europes largest summer festivals. So its kind of a big deal.
My brothers band is a little.. Alternative.
By that i mean a part of their performance is the singer painting her face red and the basist then "shooting" her in the head. Later the singer breaths in helium from a giant balloon, screams out some lyrics and then begins cutting off my brothers hair.
THAT is not normal... I tried to keep a straight face when he told me but it was kinda difficult to not look like i was scared shitless.
It's going to be interesting to say the least.
Going to go have dinner with Vicky before and then we'll go there together :D

Now its time for bed
Love yo faces
BAI <3


  1. Well, I am a little bitch. <3

    HAHA Jag asgarvade seriöst när jag läste det där! Nästa gång jag är i Frankrike vet jag vad jag ska göra!

    Vänta lite.. Han förklarade det här på franska och du förstod? :O

  2. Mais oui! J'ai compris tout ;)