Sunday, October 23, 2011

Only one more week...

French students in general get two weeks of vacation every autumn break, spring break and easter break. Oh them basterds.. So my host brother has been teasing me all day about the fact that i have school tomorrow and he doesn't. But i mean, i'm pretty sure our summer vacations are longer than his. Still pretty bitter about it right now though.

I had a very nice weekend! Baptiste wasn't home friday so i had dinner alone with my parents and i just have to add that i love them so so so much! I have the best frenchie parents ever! They are just so sweet and totally patient with my awful french. We sat and watched a show on tv about Normandy and Marc (my dad) went on and on about how wonderful it is there. He grew up in Normandy and misses it a lot.

Then we watched something about Vancouver and i told them that i maybe want to move to Canada and we talked about French-Canadians and that their accents always made Corinne laugh (my mom...duh).
I even went on a walk with Corinne this weekend. She was going to show me a jogging route so we walked the entire thing (its a route around a large WW2 fort) and just talked and had a nice time!

Nothing against my host brother but i almost like it more here when he's not home... That sounds kinda bad but its just really calm and relaxed when its just the parents at home! Its like an entirely different family when Baptiste is there.

Saturday, Victoria and I slept over at Noras :). We made microwave risotto for dinner (yes i know we are lazy but it was damn good risotto... And i'm scared of making proper risotto after too many Hells Kitchen episodes of people messing up risottos. True story). The main focus was on the kladdkaka (like brownies but BETTER! Much much better <3). It was so good to eat kladdkaka again! Almost felt like home! We then watched the movie Penelope, mostly for James McAvoy because he is gorgeous. After that we had the classic sleepover long, deep, diskussions about life and other not so important stuff over a huge bag of chips. I love my life some times ^^.

The morning after we had pancakes with coconut ice-cream and/or butter and sugar. All part of a nutritious breakfast!

I'll put up some pictures just so that this post isn't all words ^^.
I'll try and post something more of a pleasant read later. I feel like my latest post have been way to much of the "today i did this" kind and i know that i personally hate reading that kind of shit. So... sorry i guess <3.

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