Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Title is unrelated

I have 30 min to finish my "conditionnelle" french exercise, write five sentences in "conditionnelle" and finish my french essay on fashion and style.

You ask what "conditionelle" is?
Well its a verb tense. You know like:

"If i wasn't such an idiot, i would have my wallet right now"

That my friends is "conditionelle"
woulda, coulda, shoulda

So what am i doing right now except for writing this post?
I sit and watch my computer download the latest episode of Glee.
Thats how motivated i am today!!
I actually stayed in school two extra hours to sit and do Physics and math so i'm not a total slacker.
I just cant make myselft lift my ass of of the bed and sit down at my desk.
I know i'm going to end up having to do it after dinner anyway. So why not rest now?
Yes my logic is impecable.

Going back to watching that little bar get filled up!
Love you faces, happy wednesday!
BAI <3


  1. Hahah, jag hatar conditionnel... jävligt dålig uppfinning måste jag säga. Nästan lika korkat som att ha två former för dåtid. Men det är ju bra att man alltid kommer på allt annat man kan göra ISTÄLLET för att plugga ;)

  2. AJ LÖÖÖÖÖV din blogg tjejen!!! <3