Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hell week

This post is going to be in English

Hell week has started... I'm surprised to say it's not as bad as i thought it would be.
Probably because i'm repressing all thoughts of shit that i actually have to do.
Like my Swedish, French, FFK, and chem homework.
But yeah i'm cool, don't have that much to do.... dont judge me

Moa turns 18 on Friday so on Thursday, on her last day of being a child, we are going to eat KFC, get wasted, and go see American Pie.
Because it's immature and fun at the same time.

IDK about other people but i don't have any lessons on Friday so we are gonna get together at Moas house and have a birthday picnic in her yard :)..
I'm making mac n cheese because i'm not just an amazing friend, i'm an amazing cook.
Oh i work that microwave, i work it good.

I'll tell you one thing i already love about my internship, i don't work on Wednesdays!
The maternelle (kindergarten) is closed on Wednesdays so WOOH DAY OFF!
Also, no school on monday so no work for me either.
I have good feels about this :).

Sometimes i think this blog is just an excuse for me to be really strange without anyone actually getting to know about it... And make far fetched sexual innuendos

Moa du är den enda som läser min blogg ändå <3

That's a good place to end it today
Love yo face Moa



  2. Jag läser alltid din blogg nöten. I feel a bit förolämpad! :O